Podcast with Luca Berg

by Jonas Eriksson

Luca is the YouTube host of the Canadian company Rackets&Runners. He creates in-depth gear reviews. This is our podcast with Luca Berg.

This is a gear-focused podcast, but we also talk about topics like the one-handed backhand, favorite players and the state of tennis overall. We both share affection for the HEAD Boom Pro 2024, but struggle with racquet commitment issues.

You can listen to the podcast in the embedded player below or on your favorite audio platform, such as Apple, Spotify, etc. We also feature this episode in video format on our YouTube channel.

Thanks to Luca for joining the podcast. Make sure to check out his reviews on the Rackets&Runners YouTube channel.

What makes for a good gear review?

Now I am also keen to hear from you. What makes for a good gear review? What details should be covered? What footage do you want? Do you prefer reviews with ratings and scores or more in-depth descriptive content? Do you prefer video over text, or do you want access to both?

What makes you choose a product to purchase when you are looking for new tennis shoes, clothes or racquets?

We want to improve the way we serve you useful information and any insights or constructive criticism is appreciated.

I hope you like your podcast with Luca Berg.

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