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Podcast with Meike Babel, Former WTA Top 30

by Jonas Eriksson

I sat down with Meike Babel, former WTA Top 30, to talk about her career, her transition to coaching and content creation. It was a fun chat!

Podcast with Meike Babel

Meike Babel is a former WTA top 30 player who now works as a coach and is building a strong online following. She is refreshingly open and honest, and we had a great conversation, which I hope you all will enjoy! If you do, please subscribe to the podcast.

You can listen to the Tennisnerd podcast in the embedded player below, on YouTube, Spotify, iTunes and other podcasting platforms. You will find the time stamps and an overview of the topics we discuss below.


00:00 Intro
02:48 Lacking competitive drive as a tennis pro
05:12 What types of players are you working with?
09:01 From Germany to Denver, how and why?
12:10 Being a content creator
14:30 Online vs. on-court learning
16:26 What are some typical issues you see with club-level players?
19:00 Pushers and Djokovic
22:22 Tour life in the 90s versus now
28:44 The Difference in prize money vs WTA and ATP
29:55 Dealing with the traveling
32:30 Money and admin
34:20 Handling the pressures of going pro
42:20 The toll on the body
46:29 From player to coach and content
54:10 Do you still keep in touch with players from your pro life?
59:44 Playing legends like Hingis and Navratilova
1:01:39 Highlights from your career
1:03:00 Team tennis
1:09:45 Pickleball in Denver
1:12:25 Racquet talk
1:15:55 The future of the one-handed backhand

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