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Podcast with Paul Skipp, Head stringer at Wimbledon

by Jonas Eriksson

Paul Skipp is a master level stringer who has strung for Federer, Djokovic, and Murray to name a few. We talk about strings, stringing, and a lot more.

Paul Skipp has been stringing for 32 years. He is the head stringer at Wimbledon, a certified master level stringer, and has strung for pretty much any pro you can think of: Roger Federer, Andy Murray, Novak Djokovic, and so on.

In my podcast with him, we talk about string trends, pro specifications, how it is to run a stringing service during a Grand Slam, and a lot more. For other podcast episodes, check out this page.

Key links: Paul’s website, Apollo Leisure (Wimbledon partner) and ERSA stringing courses.

Thoughts on stringing

One of the reasons I do this podcast is to give people a better insight into the tennis industry. The world of stringing is unknown territory for most people and it is a craft that requires a lot of skill and hours of dedication. Often good stringers won’t get the recognition and praise they deserve.

Are you stringing your own racquets or do you go to a stringer? How important is a good string job for you? I definitely believe it can make a huge difference in the result of a tennis match. If you spend a lot of time trying to find the perfect racquet, but not consider the strings, string tension, or the quality of the string job, you are missing a large part of the puzzle.

I hope that some of the content on Tennisnerd (like this podcast with Paul Skipp)  will help people get a new understanding of strings, stringing, and how much it can influence how a racquet plays. Now it’s time for me to get to the stringing machine and improve my skills.

Thanks for listening!

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