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Podcast with Tony Wright from Balanced Tennis

by Jonas Eriksson

One of the more interesting tennis accounts on Instagram belongs to Tony Wright from Balanced Tennis. We had a great chat about that and lots of other tennis topics.

Podcast with Tony Wright from Balanced Tennis

Tony Wright is a USTPA Elite professional and a Newport Beach Tennis Club teaching pro. He runs the brand Balanced Tennis, where his dramatic and often humorous clips using film references caught my and many other followers’ eyes. He is also a nice guy, and we had a great chat with plenty of nuggets for fellow tennis nerds. In this podcast, we get into anything from coaching headaches to the life of being media on the tours and, as well, lots of gear.

You can listen to the podcast on YouTube, Apple Podcasts, Spotify and other podcasting platforms. Or why not try the embedded player below?

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Time stamps

00:00 Intro
03:34 Starting tennis late
07:59 Coaching kids vs seniors
16:17 Typical issues among rec players
17:45 Common injuries and racquet choices
22:27 Control racquet over power racquet to improve
25:56 Dealing with injuries
34:34 From creative writing to tennis
40:33 Being a self-taught tennis nerd
44:20 Are there pickleball wars in Newport?
52:37 The state of US tennis
1:00:18 Breakpoint vs ITF Futures
1:09:14 Going behind the scenes
1:19:18 Tony’s racquet(s) of choice
1:25:14 Playing tournaments
1:30:32 Tennis apparel and shoes
1:51:35 Selling tennis as a sport

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