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Racquet madness with Henrik Wallensten

by Jonas Eriksson

Henrik is a Davis Cup string, racquet reviewer, and solid player. He has been on the podcast multiple times. Today we talk racquet madness with Henrik Wallensten.

We start our conversation by laughing at how insane our behavior might seem to normal tennis players or the general population. The obsession with finding the right racquet for your game (check out our Tennisnerd Guide to Racquet and Strings for some guidance) can be laughable, frustrating and entertaining, all in one. At the same time it is a pretty harmless hobby to try racquets and strings in the eternal quest to find the one. We all know there is no perfect racquet out there and that everything comes with pros and cons.

Our podcast focuses heavily on racquets and the most recent ones we have tried. Henrik also reviewed the new Prince Phantoms on the Tennisnerd YouTube channel. The Prince Phantom 100X seems to be yet another potential match racquet for him, but as you hear in the podcast, he has a new love at the moment.

Listen to the podcast about racquet madness

The Tennisnerd Podcast is available in the embedded player above, on Spotify, Apple, and other places to listen to podcasts. This time, we did an audio-only version since we also released the Prince Phantom review in a similar format.

We would love to hear other ideas for guests you want to listen to on the podcast. We like our regulars like Henrik, but we try to mix it up as often as we can.

Have a nice day now and don’t forget to play some tennis!

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