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Racquet questions with Tennis Files

by Jonas Eriksson

I was asked by Mehrban Iranshad to come on his podcast Tennis Files and answer racquet questions and more.

Mehrban does a great job asking relevant racquet questions, so I thought it would be useful if I also published the conversation on the Tennisnerd channels. Make sure to follow Tennis Files on your favorite podcast platform. There are loads of excellent interviews with interesting tennis people there.

You can also listen to our conversation in the embedded player below. Use the timestamps to move around in the conversation. There are more Tennisnerd podcast episodes on Spotify, Apple, Google and other platforms. You can also check out our podcast page.


00:00 Intro 
01:13 Jonas’ First Racquet
02:42 How do you find your ideal racquet? Step 1 
05:26 Recording yourself 
07:33 Typical mistakes 
10:42 How do you find your ideal racquet? Step 2 
12:47 How to demo a tennis racquet 
18:18 Narrowing down your selection 
20:45 Buying and selling racquets 
27:47 How many racquets do you have? 
29:30 Where to go from the Pure Aero VS 2017 
37:51 What about the Shift? 
40:05 String sensitivity and honeymooning 
42:28 Comfort-oriented racquets 
45:36 Dunlop SX 300 
47:17 Making a racquet less dampened 
49:26 Racquet updates in 2024 
54:47 Top 3 control racquets 
56:36 The top power racquets 
1:00:31 Balance points 
1:03:36 Strings 
1:10:31 Solinco Hyper-G 
1:13:11 The Tennisnerd Podcast 
1:15:28 The most under-rated racquet brand

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