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Simon Freund on the Tennisnerd Podcast

by Jonas Eriksson

This was a heavily requested guest for the podcast. Simon Freund is a pro player and content creator detailing his journey on the ITF Tour.

Simon Freund on the Tennisnerd Podcast

Simon Freund is a professional tennis player and content creator. He details his journey on the Futures tour on his channel and has a growing audience. He is now sponsored by STIGA, who has just entered the racquet space. We talk about his career as a player and a content creator but also about improvements to tennis, the lack of prize money, and much more.


00:00 Intro
01:39 Does doubles deserve more love?
03:24 Conditions on the Futures tour
05:35 The ball debate and always adjusting
10:12 Planning tour travel
13:30 Switching to a new STIGA racquet
22:00 Being a pro player and YouTuber
26:45 Tennis has a marketing problem
33:51 The prize money is…
44:27 Players need more support
58:55 Dealing with injuries and defeats
1:09:18 Coach or coordinator?
1:15:15 How Simon got into tennis
1:19:35 Ending the season on a positive
1:26:03 Nutrition

You can listen to my podcast with Simon Freund in the embedded player below or on your favorite podcast player. Check out more podcast episodes here.

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