Talking tennis racquets with Beckett from Tenncom

by Jonas Eriksson

In the latest Tennisnerd podcast, we are talking tennis racquets with Beckett from Tenncom. If you are a gearhead you are in for a treat.

Beckett Chung is a co-founder of the tennis gear media company Tenncom. He reviews racquets and strings for their YouTube channel and is a knowledgeable and humorous source for finding your optimal racquet setup. The chance is that you are already following his channel.

In this podcast, we talk about racquets, racquets, and racquets. And strings, of course. If you are not into gear, it can get a little bit nerdy at times, but if you are, you will enjoy it. You can listen to the podcast below or on your favorite media platform. It will also be live on YouTube tonight (9 pm CET).

You can listen to other podcast episode on our podcast page.

Time stamps

00:00 Intro 
01:27 Tennis in Canada 
03:00 Beckett’s gear journey 
08:50 The quality control conundrum 
13:43 Our spec range and racquets 
21:01 Testing products you don’t enjoy 
29:21 Grail racquets and Federer’s personal frame 
35:30 Talking to the racquet brands 
42:50 Older racquets vs new 
50:34 What racquet feels the best right now? 
55:14 The right racquet for the right style 
1:02:06 Understanding your specs 
1:09:30 Next-level nerdiness 
1:15:25 The curse of being a play-tester 
1:18:56 Surprising racquets 
1:24:09 A Tennisnerd signature racquet

Do you have any gear questions you want me to address in an upcoming Q&A? Let me know in the comments.

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