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The Problem with Tennis Balls

by Jonas Eriksson

For this podcast with Phil from Tweenerhead, we talk about the problem with tennis balls. Why is the quality fluctuating so much?

Philip Fama is a tennis coach, a strong player, and a YouTuber who runs the Tweenerhead brand. You can check out his channel here. You can listen to the podcast we did, which is not only dealing with tennis balls, on Spotify, Google Podcasts, Apple and also in the embedded player below. There are time stamps so you can jump around to different topics, but we of course appreciate if you listen to the whole thing.

The tennis ball problem has been talked about for years now and it is a multifaceted issue. In short:

  1. The quality control of balls since the pandemic has dropped significantly.
  2. Pro players blame slow and heavy balls for arm, wrist and shoulder issues
  3. They change the type/brand of balls for pretty much every tournament on the tennis tour.

I am not a tennis manufacturer and struggle to understand how we are still struggling with this problem several years after the pandemic ended, but maybe someone with more insight and intelligence can chime in here in the comments field.

Listen to the podcast

You can listen in the Podbean embedded player or just go to your favorite audio platform and search for the Tennisnerd podcast. If you like the content I do there, please subscribe. Thanks! Ps. There are other episiodes to listen to on our podcast page. Ds.

Timestamps and topics

00:00 Intro
01:02 The tennis ball issue
11:11 Tennis is a gear-driven game, for better or worse
16:04 The best tennis balls
26:08 What changed tennis
32:14 A demanding sport for new players, hence…new racquet sports!
38:13 Is Tennis doing well?
43:58 Working in a tennis shop
46:48 Back to competitive play
57:06 The sometimes sad grind of the tennis tours

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