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Turning tennis into therapy with Sarah Koudouzian

by Jonas Eriksson

Sarah Koudouzian is a bestselling author and fitness entrepreneur. She was once a high-ranked aspiring pro, but a nasty injury crushed her tennis dreams, and she had to find herself outside the tennis court. In this podcast, we talk about her journey outside tennis and how she found the sport again when she needed it most.

Podcast with Sarah Koudouzian

We covered many different topics in my podcast with Sarah, but I think the theme that resonated most with me and inspired the title was how tennis can break you down in a way but also build you up. In that sense, it is an excellent metaphor and training partner in life.

Many players can relate to losing tennis at a point in their life and how their passion for the game is much stronger when they return to it. Aiming to go pro in tennis can lead to great things, but also to a feeling of being lost after the career is over.

Sarah is heavily into fitness and well-being. She wrote a recipe book with a keto-style theme and works as a fitness consultant. She is now launching a business within racquet sports. You can follow her journey on her Instagram.

You can listen to our podcast on Spotify, iTunes and in the embedded player below. The episode will also be out in video format on our YouTube channel.

Podcast timestamps

00:00 Intro
02:54 Tennis background and injury
06:21 From Tennis Dreams to Depression
12:29 Being trained by Agassi
16:52 How have you dealt with the hardships in your life?
25:50 The book
31:40 The problems with American food culture
40:30 How has your tennis warm-up routines changed from teenager until now?
48:35 How is life in LA?
49:35 Getting back onto the tennis scene
55:51 Tennis and mental health
59:26 How is your relationship with your father?
1:02:47 What do you have going on right now?
1:10:41 Social media
1:14:00 Being a tennis coach
1:16:30 Break Point
1:18:04 After tennis

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