Underhand serves are disrespectful

by Jonas Eriksson

Are underhand serves disrespectful? Nikola Aracic from Intuitive Tennis discussed this and many other topics ont eh Tennisnerd podcast.

This is Nikola’s third time on the Tennisnerd podcast and he is a guest I happily invite over and over. His insights and straightforward talk makes our conversations interesting (to me personally at least) and I really appreciate spending a few hours to chat tennis with him.

In this podcast episode, we go in-depth on some topics, as you can see in the timestamps. There should be something there for Novak fans, Rafa fans, racquet nerds and tennis traditionalists. Let me know if you agree or disagree with something in the comments. Do you think underhand serves are disrespectful?

Listen to the episode

You can listen to my episode with Nikola in the player below or on Spotify, Google or YouTube.

Below you have some time stamps and ideas of topics.

Time stamps

00:00 Intro
00:35 Rafa’s last rumble, Novak’s superpower and the player’s right to emotions
34:05 Bublik and disrespectful and pointless shots like the underarm serve. Highlights culture on TennisTV.
58:16 The viewability of tennis, bad angles, shadows, lack of options
1:14:00 What is the white racquet? Nikola’s hunt for strings from the 90s and how his racquet preferences affect his game
1:32:19 Heavy racquets are not for everyone but for some. Strings and more…

I hope there is something in this episode for everyone and I would be happy if you wanted to join our discussion below.

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