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Ben Shelton vs Tommy Paul Prediction

by Jonas Eriksson

This must be the blockbuster match of the day. Here is our Ben Shelton vs Tommy Paul Prediction. Who do you think will win?

This match takes place in the Dallas Open ATP 250 semi-finals. It is the fourth time they play on the ATP Tour, with a 2-1 head-to-head lead for Shelton. All of their matches took place last year, with Shelton winning the last two at the US Open and in Tokyo.

We predicted Shelton to win this event in our week 6 episode of This Week in Tennis and we are going to stick to that. It is a pretty open match, which is illustrated in the odds being just slightly in Shelton’s favor. You get 1.85 on a Shelton win and just more than 2 times your money on a Paul win. Shelton has the bigger power game and is in good enough form.

We are going to go with 2-1 in sets to Shelton in our Ben Shelton vs Tommy Paul Prediction.

Marcos Giron vs Adrian Mannarino Prediction

The second semi-final in Dallas is also quite gripping with Marcos Giron taking on Adrian Mannarino. Giron beat Tiafoe in straight sets in the quarters and is in impressive form, but is it enough against the tricky Frenchman who is having an amazing run at the ATP Tour in recent months.

It is challenging to play Mannarino. He is a lefty with short swings and a 9.5 kg (21 lbs) (by the way, check our latest video about how string tensions are going lower on average!) string tension which gives the ball more pop and movement than you might think. They have only played once before, in 2021, where Giron beat him, but Mannarino has improved a lot recently at this later stage in his career.

The odds from the bookies are dead level at 1.95 whoever you decide to bet on. We believe in Mannarino’s form and are going to predict him to win 2 sets to 1, which should give you 4.5 times your money.

Who do you think will win?

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