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Best of three sets

by TN

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Yes, that is what happens when you play a five setter and you win one set each before the darkness comes and play is suspended. Will Federer or Monfils handle the new situation and the new weather better? That is the question asked today.

If you look at the stats you see Federer struggled with his first serve in the strong wind. This stat is key for him in winning matches against tough opposition. Better weather should increase his chances in elevating that first serve percentage and if he does that, he is the favourite.

Monfils key to the match is to play close to the baseline with heavy top spin shots on the Federer backhand. His aim should be to get short balls to attack. What he can’t do is get stuck too far behind the baseline. Federer will attack the net and win quite a few easy points that way.

Who do you think will win?

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