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Can Andy beat Nole?

by Jonas Eriksson

There are two semi-finals, I know. But the one that’s the most interesting on paper is by far the one between Murray and Djokovic. They’re both playing with massive unbeaten streaks and the confidence must be soaring high for both players.

Nole is normally the more comfortable player on clay, but this year something has clicked for Andy and that’s why this match can be quite interesting. Some factors:

Reasons Djokovic will win:
He’s the world number one for a reason.
He’s in great form.
He hasn’t lost in oh so many matches.
He wants it so, so bad.

Reasons Murray will win:
He can play without pressure.
Djokovic might think it’s all over once he’s beaten Nadal.
He hasn’t lost in oh so many matches.

Anything can happen in tennis, but somehow the stars have aligned for Djokovic this year. Still, I think Murray will do better and make it more interesting than Nadal did. He’ll at least get a set.

Prediction: 3-1 Djokovic.

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