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Can Jo Willy out-allez Stan the Man?

by TN

It makes for a good headline, let’s just hope it makes for a good match as well. You always worry when you get deep into the slam draw that a match will fizzle out into a one-sided affair, three sets, little action, no drama. This one is no Nadal vs Djokovic, but it should pack a punch – literally. These guys hit the felt of the ball and they both speak French (should have something to do with something). But obviously, Jo-Wilfred Tsonga is the home favourite and should possibly be able to ride that wave all across the finish line.

Reasons Tsonga will win:
He’s a homeboy. Will get the crowd on his side. The French audience will be a factor (good or bad).
He’s in the best form he’s been since he beat a couple of current legends to win a masters title.
It’s about time a French guy got to the final. Might be good for the tournament.
Wawrinka has been rather unsteady in 2015.

Reasons Wawrinka will win:
He’s won a slam already. That demon is out of the bag.
He seems mentally in much better shape than only a few weeks ago. Beats me how.
He’s a big match player (might be the reason for the above sentence).
He doesn’t suffer from hometown pressure.

It’s an intriguing match-up. Head to head is 3-3, they’ve split matches on clay. It’s as open as a match can be and should make for an entertaining encounter.

My pick? Somehow I feel Tsonga is going to take this one in 5.

Prediction: Tsonga in 5.

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