Davis Cup Quarterfinals – Preview

by Jonas Eriksson

The ATP World Tour takes a little “break” and heads into Davis Cup quarterfinals this weekend. Being from Sweden originally, Davis Cup has lost some of its appeal now that Sweden is such a “poor” tennis country, but I’ll try to cheer for Switzerland instead, as it starts with the same two letters in the alphabet (joke) and deserves a title with two players in the top 5.

The quarterfinals in the Davis Cup 2014 are:

Japan vs Czech Republic
With Nishikori in the sidelines with injury this is all about the reigning champions with Berdych and Stepanek.

France vs Germany
This would be a great match-up in football, but for tennis France is too much of a power nation, even with Gasquet injured.

Italy vs Great Britain
The big question here is whether Andy Murray is in top form or not. Italy has a good team, especially on clay at home so I doubt Murray and relatively unknown guys like Evans and Ward can make this more than competitive. But probably the most entertaining match to watch.

Switzerland vs Kazakhstan
Who thought Switzerland would have two top 5 players a few years ago and be the top threat to win the Davis Cup. This should be the most straightforward match in the quarterfinals. Kukushkin can be a dangerous player, especially on a faster surface, but it won’t be enough to muster a threat.

Will be exciting to follow the action this weekend. If I can’t find streams on tennis TV or bet365, I’ll check out Stream Hunter.

Find out more about Davis Cup at the official homepage.

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