Next Gen Finals: Fils vs Medjedovic Prediction

by Jonas Eriksson

Have you been watching the Next Gen Finals? It’s time for the final. This is our Fils vs Medjedovic Prediction.

Arthur Fils was the favorite and has been playing as such. He is an explosive player with the most experience at the top level in the field. Stricker was our favorite from the start, but he had to retire due to a back injury in the semi-finals against Medjedovic.

Medjedovic has played big-time tennis backed by his powerful serve all week, so it is not an easy one, despite Fils being the favorite.

We’ve known each other a long time,” said the World No. 36 Fils on Friday in Jeddah. “We played juniors together, so I know that he has an unbelievable serve. The fastest of the tournament. It’s going to be a tough one. I’m going to need to know exactly how to play, with good tactics, but I think that it’s going to be a good match for sure. 

“With his tennis and my tennis, we are altogether playing [well]. Let’s see tomorrow, but he’s a nice guy. I hope he will be very good for the next generation [on Tour], but not tomorrow I hope.”

Arthur Fils

Who wins the Next Gen Finals 2023?

Medjedovic is an explosive force, but Fils has the more experience and the more stable game you can argue.

The odds are in Fils favor with the tennis betting sites but it is relatively close also in terms of predictions at 1.57 for a Fils win and 2.37 for a Medjedovic win.

If you are into placing a bet on tennis, never bet more than you can afford to lose, and never harass the players. Gamble responsibly. You can do so with licensed online bookmakers in the UK, for example.

Medjedvoic has a powerful serve and takes charge of the point straight away. It is kind of in Croatian/Serbian tradition to build your game up using the serve and some of the best servers in tennis history have been from this region (former Yugoslavia). If you take a look at some ATP stats, you can see the leaderboard of serve, return and under pressure leaders.

The serve leaders are, not surprisingly, players like Hubert Hurkacz, Stefanos Tsitsipas, and Novak Djokovic. Players that “protect” their serve and are not giving away “sloppy games”. You need to maximize key shots in tennis like the serve and return to achieve success. You don’t think of Djokovic as a big server, but he is great at using that shot to take the initiative in the point and he rarely gives that back to the opponent.

The key to the match is Medjedovic’s serve and first-serve percentage. If he can stay focused and take charge during his own service games he will achieve a level of confidence that will allow him to play more relaxed during the return games. This can be the key to victory for the Serb.

We still believe that Fils is the stronger and more experienced player currently and that is why our Fils vs Medjedovic prediction is that Fils will win the Next Gen Finals 2023. We are keen to hear your prediction in the comments.

TN Prediction: Fils to win 3-1.

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