Health Benefits Of Tennis

by Jonas Eriksson

Various Health Benefits Of Tennis

The health benefits of playing tennis are often undiscussed versus other traditional activities like swimming, cycling, and running. However, many people do not realize that playing tennis for an hour can burn around 600 calories. Thus, this is an effective exercise like cycling and jogging. Moreover, tennis can challenge your mind and body.

The tactical aspect of the game makes your mind occupied. Meanwhile, your body gets a good workout. Your short term goal of reaching that yellow ball will provide you with rewards and limitless challenges in the end. In this article, we will discuss the various benefits of tennis to interested players:

Brain Development

Tennis is based on physics and geometry, and can help players improve their tactical thinking (which is the same as when you play chess or casino online). Because a large proponent of tennis involves tactical thinking and alertness to create shot patterns, this sport will help you generate new connections between the nerves in the brain.

If you play tennis for many years, it can help improve brain development. This will keep you sharp and alert until your golden years.

Improve Cardiovascular Aspect

Tennis is equivalent to a thousand little sprints and involves anaerobic movement which can help you burn body fat. It can increase your heart rate and promote one to have higher energy levels.

Body Coordination

The more you play tennis, the more chance of you developing fine motor skills which are needed in gauging distance, striking, and personal coordination.

Indeed, tennis will test your speed, balance, footwork, and hand-eye coordination. This is because the sport requires various movements and techniques. Improve your performance on the courts, and you will see improvements in various aspects of your life.

Develop the Muscles

Apart from the cardiovascular benefits of tennis, it combines rigorous strength training which is good for your upper body, arms, and legs. Furthermore, this is not just for a static and repetitive group of muscles in your body.

In a tennis match, it requires that the players move from side to side, up and back, and at different speeds. This can test the different muscles of the legs. The movements involved in a typical match can help improve the back muscles. It develops the core and builds power and strength.

Boost Self-Esteem

In a study done by the Southern Connecticut State University, it has been found out that tennis players scored high in optimism, self-esteem, and vigor. They score low in anxiety, tension, confusion, and depression.

Indeed, if you regularly play tennis, it can help you keep motivated on your professional path. It will help you overcome the challenges that you can encounter every day.

Some sports can provide different levels of health benefits to you. For example, swimming is good for the development of the upper body, running is for leg power, and soccer is for tactical reasoning. But none of them can offer an efficient and effective package as what tennis can offer to interested players.


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