Tennis Fitness Over 40s

by Jonas Eriksson

I am a big fan of the Martin Method of Tennis Fitness. I have tested a few of their previous programs and now they release Tennis Fitness for Over 40s.

I am testing this program right now and so far I am really happy with it. I hope to create a full-scale review of the Tennis Fitness for Over 40s. (Disclaimer: I am 37) With my ongoing injuries, I value fitness and conditioning more than ever as a mean of injury prevention.

This easy to follow program is specially designed for players between 40-75 years. It is based on 20-40 min workouts, 1-3 per week. You don’t need a gym membership or a lot of equipment to follow it.

Here are some of the benefits of the Tennis Fitness Over 40s Program:

– Fast Results
– Downloadable, Yours Forever
– Easy to Follow
– For Players Between 40-75 Years
– 1 – 3 Sessions Per Week
– 20 – 40min Workouts
– No Gym Required
– Money-back guarantee

You can check out the Tennis Fitness Over 40s here.

Do you fit the profile?

Improve your tennis fitness - NavratilovaBe honest with yourself, would you answer yes to the majority of the questions?

  • Do you feel you have no time to train?
  • Feel like you are going to tear a muscle or injure yourself if you go too hard?
  • You were once fit but now you feel like your endurance is letting you down?
  • Feel aches and pain in the body, so scared to do any off-court training?
  • Have limited balance and core strength?
  • Don’t need bells and whistles just want something simple, effective and easy to follow?

If you say yes to any or several of these (I do), I think it is worth checking out this fitness program. Since I don’t have a personal trainer, it is nice to be able to follow videos on your phone and work with a detailed program.

If you are interested in other Martin Method Tennis Fitness courses, you can check out this overview.

Where do you see yourself regarding your tennis fitness level? Is this something you want to work on?

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