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Working on your tennis fitness from home

by Jonas Eriksson

We are living in a weird time right now with many people staying home due to the Coronavirus. But you can work on your tennis fitness from home.

I base this post on info from my friends at Martin Method Tennis Fitness. They create some excellent fitness programs for tennis players. Working on your fitness and footwork can have a huge impact on your game and also help you stay injury-free. They recently published a post on their blog about a tennis fitness workout for home and one on wrist injuries which I think is worth a read if you have concerns about your wrist.

The program in the post is free and you can do it anywhere. I personally like to visit the gym at least a few times a week, but in the current situation in Malta all gyms are closed, so I need to work out from home or on the tennis court. It is easy to use this time to mainly eat, drink and watch Netflix, but I want to make sure not to fall into this easy trap.

The exercises they recommend are all specific for tennis and are a great way to increase strength, core, and power. But you need to bring the intensity and the willpower.

Tennis Fitness From Home

You need to watch the video from the Martin Fitness website.

Work at your own pace and build up the intensity as you feel you can. Being consistent is the key to getting good results. Following this program 2-3 times a week will give you the strength gains, you need to boost your performance. Start with completing 2 sets of 12 reps with 60-sec rest between each exercise and then gradually build up from there. By the end, you should be performing 4 sets of 15 reps with 45sec rest between each exercise.

Sr. No. Exercise Reps Sets Rest
1 Rear Foot Elevated Squat 12-15 2-4 45-60sec
2 Plank Arm Lifts 12-15 2-4 45-60sec
3 2 Point Lunge 12-15 2-4 45-60sec
4 Overhead Tricep Extension 12-15 2-4 45-60sec
5 Rear Foot Split Squat Drives 12-15 2-4 45-60sec
6 Plank Arm Walks 12-15 2-4 45-60sec
7 Resisted Side Bends 12-15 2-4 45-60sec
8 Force Absorption 180’ Jumps 12-15 2-4 45-60sec

 Check out the Martin Method Fitness Programs here

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