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How to Eat and Exercise like Roger Federer

by GP

Everyone who is even barely familiar with the world of tennis knows who Roger Federer is. But few know how to eat and exercise like Roger Federer.

Roger Federer is known for his classic style, powerful shots, a one-handed backhand and his ability to make a comeback. Although he is a proud owner of about 20 grand slam titles he has not experienced any major injuries, and that surely says something about his routine. Maybe good genetics has played a part here, but it is not the core reason for his triumphs. Although Federer is undoubtedly a natural athlete, he is also a determined hard worker who doesn’t leave anything up to a chance. To eat and workout like this tennis champion, you need to follow these guidelines.

Cardio is important

If you want to increase your agility and cardiovascular health, all you need is a jump rope. Federer manages to sharpen his performance by skipping lightly at first and then gradually doubling his speed. If you wish to keep your feet comfortable during the exercise, you may need to get a pair of shoes that will act as shock absorbers. Luckily, today you don’t have to buy one pair for exercising, and another one for everyday wear. Many fashionable and functional shoes have been ‘born’ as a result of collaborations between Adidas and celebs, so you can stay comfy and look amazing at the same time.

Build a strong core

A strong core is important for speedy bursts of energy, so in order to improve your abdominal strength make sure you include lateral lunges with a twist into your routine. They are done just as regular ones, the only difference is that when you lower your left/right leg you need to twist the left/right side of your torso forward. Do this workout 10 times on each side and as you get stronger, add some weight by placing a barbell across your shoulders.

Add some resistance

A professional such as Roger needs to be able to move freely on the court without being weighed down. This is why he increases the resistance during his training by using a resistance band. He trains with one around his legs or around his waist (that one is also attached to the net). This type of exercise makes him feel lighter on the court.

Improve your coordination

Different cone drills can enhance your sense of coordination. Therefore, try zig-zag movements while running around each cone.

Work on your balance

If you loved jumping up and down on a trampoline as a kid, you will love this workout. To improve his balance Federer stands on one leg on a trampoline whilst trying to volley. This is a great way to ensure that both of your sides are equally strong.

Stick to a diet rich in complex carbohydrates

As you probably know, not all carbohydrates are the same. If you want to eat like Federer, you need to stick to complex carbohydrates that can be found in whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. These foods are great sources of energy and will help you train for hours. You should also include lean proteins, good fats, vitamins and minerals into your diet. After a workout or a match, Federer often drinks recovery protein shakes and his snacks always include carbs, proteins and electrolytes. Believe it or not, this tennis player is a huge fan of Italian cuisine, and before every workout session he eats pasta. Of course, this doesn’t mean you should eat three plates full of spaghetti!

Have fun

It is a known fact that Federer always plays with a calm head. This might be because he listens to his favorite tunes whilst he trains and makes sure to keep a positive attitude throughout his life.
Whether we are talking about his workout regimen or his diet plan, the key to his success seems to lie in variety, so keep your mind open and see what works best for you.

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Johnson April 18, 2020 - 15:49

I looked up lateral lunge with twist but everybody seems to have a different way of doing it. Perhaps you can demonstrate!

Elina Svitolina helpfully posted a demonstration of her 7-exercise leg routine recently, which includes back & forward lunges and side to side lunges but not a lateral lunge with twist:

Tennisnerd April 19, 2020 - 06:43

It is similar to a typical resistance bands movement – like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L_mlGkYjX2A

Johnson August 25, 2020 - 22:00



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