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Tennisnerd is a work of passion and many hours go into creating video content, replying to comments and questions and writing for this website. That is why I would very much appreciate if you would consider supporting Tennisnerd.

There are several ways to support Tennisnerd, monetary help is always needed of course, but you can also make sure to share our content with your tennis friends. That always helps! And also making sure you follow us in all our relevant channels 🙂

One of the best ways of supporting Tennisnerd is subscribing to our Patreon page. That way you get exclusive content every week, can asks question Tennisnerd and find a like-minded community of tennis nerds. Only for a few dollars a month!

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We have a couple of affiliate partnerships with retailers and brands we believe in. If you buy a product through the links below a small commission goes to the survival of Tennisnerd. So if you are going to buy tennis gear, please consider doing it through one of the links below. We would never partner with products or brands we don’t believe in or have a bad experience with. Just so you know!

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