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The Best Racquet Smashes of All Time

by Jonas Eriksson

Let’s ring in the new year with listing a few videos of the best racquet smashes of all time. Tennis can be a frustrating sport and these videos tell you exactly how frustrating it can be with epic racquet destruction footage of Marcos Baghdatis, Nick Kyrgios and even Roger Federer!

First off, Marcos Baghdatis famously destroys a couple of racquets during Australian Open 2012.

Watching this I realize this blog is missing a post on what racquet Marcos plays with. Coming soon.

Then we have the new hothead on tour, Nick Kyrgios, who destroys three of his Yonex XI racquet in Yonex DR 98 paint job. Read more about Kyrgios’ racquets here.

Even the composed and controlled (these days), Roger Federer, can lose it and break his tennis racquet. Read more about Roger Federer’s tennis racquet here.

And there was of course plenty of racquet abuse in 2016. Here is a good video summary of racquet breakage.

Yeah, and I also found this one with some classic McEnroe and Safin footage:

I shouldn’t sit here and pretend like I’ve never broken a racquet before, but it was a while ago I abused my tennis gear. What about you? When did you break your racquet last? Please write in the comments.

And if you have any good racquet abuse photos or videos, send them to me and I’ll post them on the blog.





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