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The Tennis Grip Guide

by TN

Here is a tool that can help you make sure to grip your racquet correctly for the various strokes. It is called the Tennis Grip Guide.

The Tennis Grip Guide is a rubber band with numbers illustrating the various bevels of the tennis racquet handle. It will help you identify the differences between Continental, Eastern, Semi-Western and Western grips. This can be useful for players of all levels, especially if you are starting out as a kid, junior or a beginner.

The Tennis Grip guide (link to Amazon) resembles one of those rubber bands that some racquets come with, to hold down the overgrip. You can place 2-3 on your racquet grip depending on if you use one or two hands on your strokes. It comes in two different sizes, small and large.

Does it work?

I have played tennis for many years and know the grips pretty well, but I still enjoyed using the tennis grip guide to test various grips. I have tried to make the adjustment from Eastern to Semi-Western forehand grip, and this is where the grip guide can help remind me of where to grip the racquet. It is based on where to place your heel pad and index finger knuckle.

If you really want to focus on learning the proper tennis grips, I found this tool to be of great help. The only issue I encountered was that the grips might move a little bit during play since you are placing your fingers on them. But you can re-adjust them quickly.


All in all, the tennis grip guide is a nice innovation that does a good job of helping players identify the correct tennis grips. It also costs less than 10 USD, which should be affordable for most people. There is also a guide online with videos of different grips.

You can buy the Tennis Grip guide on Amazon or their official website.

Would you find the tennis grip guide useful? Do you know all the grips of tennis? Please comment below.

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