What does the dampener do?

by Jonas Eriksson

Do you use a dampener or not? It’s a personal taste thing. But what does the dampener do? Here’s a new vlog about this topic.

I have always been a dampener guy, because, with certain strings, I don’t enjoy the sound of playing without it. I prefer the “TWHOCK” over the “PIIIING”. But that’s mainly what it is, the dampener affects the sounds more than anything else and is not supposed to save you from harmful vibrations.

More on the topic in the video below: 

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Bret July 14, 2021 - 15:02

This is especially true for Ashaway Monogut ZX Pro strings (I think I may have recommended them on your YouTube video on arm-friendly strings…they’re really the best I’ve tried for that).

Everyone who’s demoed my racquets strung with those has commented first on how good they feel, and second, how strange the sound is. They’ve got a resonant “ping” that takes a couple weeks to get used to compared to a multifilament, but they’re really second to none in arm comfort, spin, and longevity. There’s really nothing quite like them.

But yes, the dampener makes a HUGE difference in dampening that sound.


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