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Tips for Visiting the Australian Open

by Stefan Jonsson
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Planning a trip Down Under to see some top level tennis at the Australian Open? We wanted to share some useful Australian Open travel tips to think about before heading over.

The Australian Open is the first of the four Grand Slam’s and it’s held in Melbourne Park, Australia, in January. This means the Australian summer and we can hopefully expect hot and sunny weather!

  • Dates: The 2024 Australian Open is being played from Sunday January 14th to Sunday January 28, 2024.
  • Venue: Melbourne Park, located in the heart of Melbourne.
  • Weather: Melbourne has a temperate climate, with warm summers and mild winters. The average temperature in January is 26 degrees Celsius (79 degrees Fahrenheit). However, much higher temperatures are not impossible.

Buying Tickets

Tickets to the Australian Open can be purchased online at TicketMaster or through the Australian Open ticket office. remember that the ticket prices can change slightly the closer to the tournament we get.

Tickets prices vary a lot depending on the day you’re visiting or if you purchase Ground Passes Or Stadium Tickets. Basically day tickets are access to the stadiums, Margret Court and Rod Laver Arena, while ground passes can be bought for 1 or 7 days and covers all the show courts and Hisense arena.

During the first 2 rounds there’s a lot of action going on in the show courts and it’s not a bad idea to have ground passes for these events.

Location – Traveling Around

The courts are located very central in Melbourne and it’s actually within walking distance from Federation Square and most parts of the central city. All ticket holders can also enjoy free trams that operate between Flinders Street and Melbourne Park.

If you want to travel further around the area, the nearest train station is Jolimont, it’s basically a ten minute walk from the courts.

The area around the Australian Open facilities and courts are loaded with food stalls and all types of facilities across the park are well serviced. The quality of the food is quite good and prices are not that high as you can sometimes expect at these kinds of events. Even beers and other alcoholic drinks are usually reasonably priced. Check out some thoughts from other travellers at Tripadvisor.

What to Bring?

First of all there are certain things you cannot bring into the grounds, but this is pretty standard. Alcohol (and other aluminum cans), advanced camera equipment (mostly lenses greater than 200mm), and huge flags are examples of prohibited things. These will be clearly listed when purchasing the tickets.

You are allowed to bring a rucksack and also food and drinks. We would highly recommended bringing a bag with some snacks and drinks especially, as the weather can be really hot during the long matches. The prices for food in the areans are also quite high for very simple food.

Other Australian Open Travel Tips

  • Keep hydrated, dress comfortably and bring sun cream.
  • Pack your own food and drinks before entering the stadiums, as it’s quite expensive at the grounds.
  • Download the Australian Open Mobile app to get updates and information during the event.
One of the areas near the main courts

Check back here on TennisNerd during the tournament for a lot of news and updates. Our Australian Open betting guide covers most things if you’re into wagering on the matches, and we’ll also cover some of our own predictions.

Overall the Australian Open is a fantastic event to visit and we would love to hear your thoughts and experiences in the comments!

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