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Every session is a lesson – Racquet Confucius

by TN

We have talked a lot about racquet confusion here at Tennisnerd or (Racquetholics Anonymous as I like to call it). Although I strangely am addicted to tennis racquets, I think it’s also important to work on your game of course.

So for my latest practice session I decided to record it with the purpose of giving myself a little lesson and also, hopefully, inspiring you my dear readers, to do the same.

Recording yourself can be ugly at first. You think you look like Rafael Nadal or Roger Federer on court only to realize sometimes you have the footwork of a wooden statue and your shots the power level of a garden gnome. Don’t be disheartened by this, but see it as a massive potential for improvement! Unless you’re playing on the ATP Tour and are chasing points on a weekly basis, you have plenty of time to become a better tennis player. How good? You decide! (Well and some genetics and other factors as well of course!)

Anyway, I recorded this self-bashing of a video where I noticed several things I tend to do wrong, the most classic one is to lose my concentration and play some half-assed shot instead of trying to finish a point. I’m definitely not a trick shot artist by any means, so should settle for more efficient tennis and thereby win more points. Tennis is fun no matter what, but more fun when you win more points, right?

Yes, this video features the Angell K7 Red which I’ve come to enjoy so much lately. It helps me swing faster in tight spots but is less stable so I’m not as sure on my volleys and overheads as I feel with my standard HEAD LM Radical Tours. Whether it’s a trade-off I will accept or something I can work on, remains to be seen.

I hope I don’t feel I spam you, my Youtube channel subscribers with “pointless content”, I just personally find something valuable in every session I record. And my goal at some point besides “trying every racquet there is” (not really my goal), is ultimately to grow as a tennis player and get more out of a sport I love so much.

I also want to say that I really appreciate every positive comment I get in various e-mails, comments and media. It gives me energy to create more and hopefully better content. Thanks for reading and sharing!

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