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Grigor Dimitrov on TopCourt

by TN

I’ve been waiting for some one-handed backhand instruction on the TopCourt platform so I was thrilled to see Grigor Dimitrov on TopCourt!

I have enjoyed the TopCourt platform since I became a member a year or so ago, but as I mentioned in my TopCourt Review, there was no proper one-handed backhand player on the platform. That’s why I was excited about the news in my inbox this morning: Grigor Dimitrov is now on TopCourt. Not only does he have a beautiful one-handed backhand, but he also seems like the kind of guy that can explain and coach it in a good way.

If you want to try TopCourt for 14 days for free, check it out here.

There is perhaps no other player I enjoy watching practice more than Dimitrov. Similar to Federer, he moves almost like a dancer on the court and every single move looks like it’s timed and choreographed to perfection. That fluid technique and movement make for some great watching and it’s a shame that he hasn’t quite had the results to back it up. Although I don’t think he can be too disappointed with a Masters title, an ATP Finals title, and being number 3 in the world for a while.

Who do you like watching and why?

After following the sport for years, I am a bit picky about the players I watch. Either they have to have something unique about their technique (Dimitrov or Medvedev, a stroke that is just spectacular (Berrettini’s forehand or Gasquet’s backhand), or something volatile in their personality (Fognini or Kyrgios) that can be fun to watch. Otherwise, I mainly base my tennis watching on the score. If it’s a tight match with some drama, I’ll watch tennis on any level between any players. The scoring system is one of the great parts of the sport.

Anyway, that’s all for now. Keen to hear what tennis players you like to watch and why. I’m going to see if Grigor Dimitrov can improve my one-handed backhand.

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robert October 31, 2021 - 23:33 - 23:33

During Indian Wells one of the commentators on Tennis Channel mentioned that the players think Dimitrov is the best practice court player in the world, but he can’t seem to bring it to his matches with any consistency.

I agree with that list of players who are intriguing to watch. I’d add Djokovic for his movement and anticipation, which are astonishing if not pretty; Lopez on the attack is so smooth he looks almost still; Alcaraz with his shocking power and athleticism reminds me of Sampras at 19. Kasatkina and Martic are beautiful movers on the women’s side, and I could watch Suarez Navarro’s or Golubic’s backhands all day.


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