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My Back-On-Track Tennis Tip

by TN

Do you have  smartphone or a notepad you can put in your tennis bag?  If you do you can keep a checklist of things to remember when you’re having one of those days when something or everything isn’t working. Take a look at it during the break and it might help you concentrate on the right things and not get too negative.

This is my back-on-track list.


  • Aim and concentrate
  • Throw the ball high
  • Watch it like a hawk
  • Look at the ball throughout
  • Hit it at its highest point

Balance and footwork

  • Breathe in and breathe out during the stroke
  • Take a longer last step before the shot to get a better balance (Federer a good example)
  • Keep the hitting point away and in front of the body to get better power.
  • Lean into the court and keep moving forwards through aggressive footwork.

Specific shots

  • Slice with varying length to keep the opponent guessing.
  • Be prepared to run around with small steps to maximize the forehand
  • Roll the wrist!
  • Step into the court to hit the backhand
  • Use your other arm as a counterweight

General and the best tip!

Every match is also training session, make it fun!

What do you sometimes forget during a match or training? Don’t you bend the knees, do you put your weight on the backfoot, do you try to paint lines when it might be a good idea to just hit everything back for a while?

Then make your own back-on-track tennis list!

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