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Tennis footwork tips

by Jonas Eriksson

I’m doing some lessons together with coaches around the world. Here are some tennis footwork tips with Karl Adrian from Marbella.

I have asked the community on YouTube, Instagram and my Patreon what kind of instructional material they would like to see. The first topic that my fellow tennis nerds requested was footwork. The footwork is the foundation of the game, but often overlooked by weekend warriors. Still, with some basic tennis footwork tips, you can improve your intensity and movement quite a bit.

Tennis Footwork tips

Karl and I talk about the following concepts in the video:

Keeping a wide base
Having your feet wide apart will give you a stronger foundation which will improve balance and reaction.

The step after the split-step
If you want to move efficiently on the tennis court the step after the split-step makes a big difference.

Adjustment steps
In Spain, where we shot this video, they focus a lot on small adjustment steps to be placed perfectly for the ball.

Open or closed stance
If you use the open or closed stance correctly, you will waste less time on shots where you are stretched.

The recovery cross-over step
It’s important to get back to the middle of the court after chasing down a wide ball. Roger Federer does this step explosively and so can you.

These concepts are not rocket science but you need time to work them into your muscle memory. Recording yourself is a good idea to understand how you move on the tennis court and what you can improve.

What next?

Thanks to Karl Adrian for helping me create this video. I think his tips were great and easy to digest. What topic would you like me and a coach (possibly Karl again) to cover next? Serve technique? Shot selection? Mental toughness? The one-handed backhand?

Let me know in the comments below. Tennisnerd is a community and I really appreciate the support and feedback from all of you. Happy hitting!

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Ryan July 9, 2022 - 01:53

Great video. Can really see how much effort it is to stay on your toes and active. Karl said that the split step is key for timing. Is the consensus that you should split step when your opponent is about to swing?


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