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Tennis Training with a Pro

by TN

Last night I uploaded a video called “Tennis Training with a Pro”. I was fortunate to join tennis player Karl Adrian Ringdal and his coach Luis Perez for a couple of training sessions and we did some drills that I thought could be interesting to share. It also highlights how hard you have to work to become a pro player.

Karl Adrian Ringdal is a 21-year-old tennis player from Marbella, Spain who was a promising junior but took a break from tennis for a little while (doing mainly coaching) and now wants to get back into the game and aim for the pro tour. Becoming a professional tennis player requires hard work, discipline, talent, money some luck and the right mindset. It is far from easy, but if that is what you want – why not go for it? So the Tennis Training with a Pro video is a way for us to highlight how hard you have to work every day to become a professional tennis player.

Karl’s coach Luis Perez was a good player when he was active and reached 500 in the rankings before he decided to call it a day and focus on coaching. Hitting balls next to him make me realize how complete you need to be as a player to even try to make it as a pro. Luis sends backhands and forehands to the other side with ease and pace that only pro players possess. It is fun to watch and I can also learn a lot from training with these guys myself.


Tennis Training with a Pro – Questions?

Do you have any questions for Karl or Luis about the process of becoming a professional tennis player? They will do their best to answer. We will try to highlight more of the process and some drills that they are working on that you can implement in your own game to become a better tennis player. After all, even if your goal is not to become a pro player, it is always fun and satisfying to work hard and improve.

I hope you like the content. More gear reviews to come soon if that is more of your cup of tea!


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Carlos July 25, 2019 - 13:35

What racquet and string is Karl using?

Tennisnerd July 30, 2019 - 10:36

Hi Carlos,
Karl plays with the Donnay Pro One 97 Pentacore customized to 342 grams and 32 cm balance, he strings it with MSV Co-Focux Hex 1.23 gauge at 24 kg.

Regards / Jonas

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Connor Albinus July 25, 2019 - 21:20

Hey Luis and Karl,
Which racquets do you play with? Which strings do you prefer? Thanks, Connor

Tennisnerd July 30, 2019 - 10:35

Hi Connor,
Karl plays with the Donnay Pro One 97 Pentacore customized to 342 grams and 32 cm balance, Luis plays with an older version of the Tecnfibre Tflash 300 in stock form (!). Karl uses MSV Co-Focux Hex, Luis I need to ask again, but he is not very picky to be honest.

Regards / Jonas


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