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The Forehand: Grips, backswings & follow-throughs

by Jonas Eriksson
Tennisnerd Academy: The forehand

This is the first video from Tennisnerd academy with hopefully many more to come. This video deals with the forehand and is part one of a series. We wanted to cover a few important factors of the forehand: grips, backswings & follow-throughs.

We want Tennisnerd academy to be an inspiration, a learning source and a forum for different types of tennis techniques. This is not just about telling people: This is how you hit a better forehand, it is about showing different ways to do it and talking about the various pros and cons. Tennis is a rich game full of subtleties and we don’t want to pretend there is a one-stop-shop solution for anything. The more you know, the better decisions you can make and the more progress you can make in your game. This is our approach to the Tennisnerd academy videos.

Tennisnerd Academy: The forehand

The first video deals with the forehand: grips, backswings, and follow-throughs. Yes, there are many videos and sources dealing with the various grips, but I think we need to start from the beginning. Especially since I have myself moved from an Eastern to a Semi-Western grip and it is still a process for me. A process I enjoy and embrace, but definitely a source of frustration at times when you are not playing your best. But I see it as a long term investment in my tennis enjoyment and that makes it worth the struggle.

The forehand: Grips, backswings & follow-throughs – The Video

What is important in tennis is to get the basics right. That is why we wanted to start with the grip, the different backswings, and the follow-throughs. You might already be happy with your forehand technique, but not know exactly what you are doing or how you are able to generate power. I hope this video will help you understand a bit more of what is going on and what different styles there are from recreational players to guys on the ATP tour.

What parts of your game do you need to work on most? Please comment below and we will try to deal with it in future videos.

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Andrew July 1, 2019 - 11:46

Amazing work. Huge congratulations. I think it’s one of the best training videos out there.

Tennisnerd July 1, 2019 - 11:55

Hi Andrew,
Thanks a lot! Really appreciate your comment.

Cheers / Jonas

Morten July 2, 2019 - 07:09

Great video! Simple and yet thorough. During the final demonstration of the various forehand strokes it could be nice to get one or two strokes of each type in slow motion, so it’s really clear to all what’s going on – if you’re camera allows it?

Btw is that an Ezone 98 and Duel G 97? The Yonex force is strong :)

Martin July 2, 2019 - 11:48

Great video explaining how interchangeable the forehand strokes can be. Slow mo would be good!

Looking at other online forehand videos – can you go on to discuss the importance of the legs, hips and unit turn in ‘loading’ and how these combine with the takeback and follow through from this video, to generate topspin or flat power?

I also tend to ‘arm’ my forehand too much and am trying to move from eastern to semi-western on some shots where i have more time. I often then overcompensate going for the 75% -90% elevation with too much brush up and leaving the ball short and sitting up to be attacked (so the large wiper example would be good to see from behind the coaches).

Ed July 3, 2019 - 17:28

Hi Coaches/Jonas
Thanks for the instructions so far- I agree with Martin and his concerns. Also is hitting against a wall with a flatter ball of help if no partner around?

thanks Ed


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