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Top Tennis Tip of The Day

by TN

So here it is, the Top Tennis Tip of the Day!

Take the ball early.

I’ll say it again. Take the ball early.

That’s it. Stand at the baseline, be focused and try to shorten the time your opponent has for his shots. It’s super effective even on a high level (just look at Agassi who is the master of this).

This is not advanced tennis strategy, but it’s something that I’ve noticed helps most recreational tennis players reach better results. Far too many players stand way back and they don’t have the power to win points from there unless the opponent makes a mistake and they will also be prey to drop shots and angled winners.

Standing on the baseline will also shorten the distance to the net and make it easier for you to get to the net to finish points. Even if you’re not a good volleyer (then it’s time to practice it, because the volley is the easiest shot to learn) you will often be in such a good position from taking the ball early that you just need to get the racquet on the ball.

This strategy is also good for people who don’t swing big at the ball (again, perfect for recreational tennis players) as you can’t really do that if you want to half-volley around your opponents.

So don’t stand two meters behind the baseline. Move up, move in and finish the point. This will bring you results, I promise.

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