How to Serve! Tennisnerd Academy

by Jonas Eriksson

The serve is arguably the most important shot in tennis and it is something that a lot of players struggle with. That is why we thought it was timely to release a new Tennisnerd Academy video called: How to Serve! The video deals with grip, stance, backswing, slice, flat and kick serve and is packed with tips.

Tennisnerd Academy is a project I am doing together with my two tennis friends Vijay and Nikunj Siwach. The Siwach brothers are ex-professional tennis players and used to run their own academy in Germany. Now they live in Malta and work with the Asciak Academy here. They are really nice guys and very knowledgeable about tennis. I hope you like the content we do together. More to come! But first…How to Serve.

By the way, if you are interested in getting video coaching from Tennisnerd Academy, please send us an e-mail to

How to Serve – Tennisnerd Academy Video

In the video How to Serve you will see these topics being dealt with:

1. The Grip 0:22
2. The Stance 1:28
3. How to Serve with Power 3:33
4. The Racquet Head and Takeback 5:14
5. The First Serve 9:28
6. The Slice Serve 15:07
7. The Kick Serve 19:56
8. Serve Imitations 24:35

Did we miss something? What are you struggling with on your serve?

How to Serve – It is all about putting in the work

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Personally, I am working on my stance, trying to find the best fit for me. I am also trying to slow down my motion and not rush it. It is important to accelerate at the right time and sometimes I rush through it. There are always things to work on, that is partly what makes tennis so much fun, right?

To practice the serve, you don’t need any partner, so get to the court, bring a bucket of balls, preferably some cones or ball cans for target practice and get going! Most recreational players don’t work enough on their serves and it can win them many free points. Being able to hit a consistent slice, kick and flat serve anywhere in the service box will give you a lot of confidence as a tennis player.



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Notmyname September 24, 2019 - 16:06

Great video guys.

1. Becker
2. Nadal ?
3. Roddick
4. Sampras
5. ?
6. Murray

How about adding Ivanisevic and McEnroe?

Tennisnerd September 25, 2019 - 13:22

Thanks! Great guesses!


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