BOSS Open Highlights

by Jonas Eriksson

I compiled some BOSS Open court level highlights from the third round featuring Tsitsipas, Kyrgios, Murray and Shapovalov. I hope you like it.

My days at the BOSS Open in Stuttgart are coming to an end, so let’s celebrate with some BOSS Open highlights! I’ve really enjoyed my stay here, one of my favorite tournaments on the ATP Tour to visit and I’ve been to a few. Just the right size to get near the players, great hotel (Maritim, the player hotel), good food and organization at the venue. Everything you can ask for as a tennis nerd.

I had some good seats thanks to media credentials (and knowing the organizers at eMotion Group), so I could record some highlights. The issue with recording grass court tennis is that many rallies are too short to include in highlight reels. It’s kind of serve and miss, ace or 2-3 shots mainly. But there are also some amazing duels when the rallies get longer and players tend to get a bit more creative when they know the serve can bail them out.

I particularly enjoyed watching Murray’s amazing returns and Kyrgios show with all that it includes. Tantrums, genius, warts and all. In short, I had a great time in Stuttgart and I can really recommend tennis enthusiast to visit the tournament.

BOSS Open Highlights

Please check out my humble compilation of points below. I put them in random order so you get a feel for how hard the players hit, how fast the grass courts play, and the kind of rallies you can expect.

If you’re following the tournament, we have a mouthwatering semi-final between Murray and Kyrgios tomorrow on center court. I will sadly not get to see it live, but I watched a LOT of tennis in a few days, so I can accept that!

Have you watched any BOSS Open action? 

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