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How do you find a tennis partner?

by Jonas Eriksson

Tonight I am publishing a vlog about the importance of playing with different players. How do you find a tennis partner?

To grow as a tennis player, it’s important to play with different players to get challenged by various spins, velocities, playing styles, and levels. But how do you find a tennis partner? It’s a common question. There are a few different ideas on how you can find more partners around your level. Let’s have a look at a few of them.

How to find a tennis partner – 10 tips

  1. Join a tennis club or several, why not visit a few in the area to meet some people?
  2. Enter a tournament or several, a great way to find practice partners on your level
  3. Join tennis-related Facebook groups in your locality and write a message
  4. Use an app or website that pairs tennis players like Play Your Court
  5. Search online for online tennis forums
  6. Join a tennis clinic
  7. Look for a local coach that can introduce you to players your level
  8. Post your contact info around the courts
  9. Ask your current hitting partner(s) if they play with someone else, maybe start a Whatsapp group of tennis hungry players?
  10. Hang out around tennis courts! Watch and talk!

These are ten easy tips on how you can find a tennis partner. It can sometimes be a struggle, but if you persist, I’m sure you will find plenty of interesting people and players to practice with. We’re all in the same boat, so just reach out!

In the vlog, I raise the importance of playing different players to learn how to tackle different challenges posed on the court. If you always play a match or session with the same partner, you will probably be surprised when you enter a tournament and face a completely different game style on the other side. Playing a lot of tennis, partners and matches is the way to go!

Playing different partners – from ATP 200 to 14-year-olds

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