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Tennis streaming services

by GP

If you’re like me, you like to watch tennis. The issue is often that our favorite matches are not shown on TV. But here are some tennis streaming services you can use.

There are many sites that stream tennis. But you obviously want a good quality stream that offers many matches. I use several sites myself to watch tennis, because I have yet to find a one-site solution. Let’s look at a few different tennis streaming services.

If the site is not available in your country make sure to use a VPN only for streaming sports events and you will be able to watch tennis matches.

Tennis TV

I have been a member of TennisTV for years. Recently, they made some changes to their site and brand. Some people find the changes good, some not. But overall, TennisTV offers great coverage of the ATP tour and also an archive of older matches. The downside: they don’t cover the grand slams (or WTA).


The WTA has their own streaming service, WTA TV. I haven’t tried it personally, but I am guessing it works similarly to Tennis TV.

Eurosport player

For grand slam coverage, I often subscribe to Eurosport player for the month that the slam is on. I don’t care much about other sports, so it’s only for one particular event, which means I unsubscribe as soon as the event has passed.

Amazon Prime

In certain countries, Amazon Prime offers a solid selection of both WTA and ATP events. I can’t access this from Malta, so I don’t know how well it works, but if you use Prime to watch tennis – please comment below.

Tennis Channel

Another streaming service that is not available where I live is Tennis Channel. But in Europe, you can watch it from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Greece and the UK.

Super Tennis

If you’re from Italy, you can watch Super Tennis. It’s been around for many years and is a regular channel and streaming service covering both ATP and WTA.

Free tennis streaming sites

I know there are many free tennis streaming sites out there, but they are all covered in ads and the viewing experience is usually less than ideal. Your browser keeps opening windows etc etc. I can’t really recommend that unless you’re desperate.

Streaming tennis on betting sites

Many betting sites offer a streaming service to their members. This usually means you have to have money in your account, but if you do, there is plenty of tennis to watch.

Challenger tennis

ATP offers a free streaming service of their challenger tour. Yes, it’s not the highest level of tennis (but close), but you can see some excellent matches there.

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