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by TN
Tecnifibre Tflash CES 300 Racquet Review

I have gotten hundreds of nice messages over the years and I appreciate every single one of them. This is what people say about Tennisnerd.

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“You’re a very good player and your job is to entertain and you succeed in that perfectly. Thank you for giving us tennis players a guide.” – Tomer Cohen
“Easily the best racket reviewer on YouTube. Answers all important questions and detailed info.” – Bao Tang
“Really appreciate the videos. Very interesting content and I really learn a lot from these videos.” – Patrick Moraghan
“What you talk about string pattern, racquets, grips, static, string weight I feel like I am in upper stratosphere doing a space Odyssey. Love your videos !!!” – Balaji Ramani
“I like your involved lengthy reviews on products as opposed to Tennis Warehouse that gives me a few minutes to summarize.” – Gary Hilson
“Love your vids!”  Jan-Berend Stoker
“Great review – all your reviews are very helpful!” – Robert Bezimienny
“What an amazing channel!” – Cassidy Wiedemann
“You have a PHENOMENAL channel! Truly for tennis fanatics and nerds who live, breathe and sleep this wonderful game. Your Clash 98 expose was great as well. I’ll spread the word about you ?” – Ayotunde Alele
Love the highlights bro… Even your racket reviews are epic.. – Meer Verekar
Excellent video content! This guy really knows his stuff and makes finding racquets easier for all tennis nerds out there. Big support, love your channel – Regis Liou
Great stuff Jonas – Wolle O
Appreciate your outstanding work with your reviews and insights – El G0rdo