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Wimbledon Match Analysis: Sinner vs Ymer

by Evan Gaudreau

Evan Gaudreau is back with another Wimbledon match analysis: This time he deals with R2: Sinner vs Ymer.

Wimbledon Match Analysis R2: Sinner vs Ymer

Sinner is serving the first game of the match and the first point is a doozy. Better players generally have a bigger game plan and how they construct points.
He hits the first ball to the middle of the Ad side and then doubles up with two strong Forehands crosscourt to the Deuce side.
He “taps” the center of the court and then hits the next two shots (backhands) crosscourt to the Ad side (another double).
The following two shots go to the center and he shanks ball #9 and it goes out.
The first 6 shots to the point cracked me up. It was as if he was drilling in practice. But it made me think about what the patterns will look like for the rest of the set.
After losing the first point, he throws in two droppers (Ymer missed a return too) and a first ball and follow (to the net) and finishes the next shot and the game on a Forehand putaway volley.

Ps. What is Jannik Sinners’s racquet? / TN Ds.


On the first return game, the pattern that stood out was a 1-2. But before that, let’s look at what he’s trying to establish. In the first point, he hits shots to the center of the court and hits ball 4 into the net (and it was going to the center also). On the following two Deuce points at 30-0 and 40-15, Sinner hits the return big to the center with his forehand, moves around the mid-court ball, and hits a forehand inside out….both shots into the net.


Ymer’s return looks funny. It’s his stance and the separation of his hands. Returners who have a big separation generally don’t return with heavy spin. It tends to be punchy and flat-ish.
What will Sinner do about that?

PS. What is Ymer’s racquet? Ds.


Haha. I’m laughing because….
At 15-30, Sinner hit a first serve into the net. The funny part was that he had Ymer on a grip change. Ymer was going to chip the forehand return.
Players at home…don’t separate your hands while in the ready position for the return.
You can do what you want.
But be careful.
It’s easier to manipulate the returner if he is a “separator.”
Serious question:
If a woman with a tattoo on her lower back is considered a tramp stamp, what is a tattoo on a dude’s stomach called?
Would it still be a tramp stamp?
Sorry, Ymer!
If I don’t ask questions, then what is the point?
At 30-40, Sinner serving, he plays a criss-cross pattern again (like in the previous return game). The first shot crosscourt to the backhand corner, the second shot crosscourt to the forehand corner for a winner.
Yet, at Deuce, he plays a “straight-line” pattern with a lot of down-the-lines.
The point is…does he mix up his attacks every few points intentionally, or is he just dabbling in whatever crosses his mind?
It makes me wonder.
If he was more methodical with his patterns like Djokovic, could he win Majors?
Is he just a banger, or is he a thinker?
“Is he a thinker or a stinker?” Will Ferrell wants to know.

2-1 Sinner.

If Ymer can get grip-changed on the return, can’t he get gripped changed on his +1’s? What grip does he shift to after the serve? Can he get “set up” with a handful of returns to a specific location and then get manipulated to a different location?
I love the idea of pounding the middle and banging it to the sides of the court. But again. Sinner is flying by the seat of his pants.
Phillip Rivers, the former San Diego Chargers QB, is now officiating tennis matches. That’s definitely him sitting in the umpire’s chair.

Now, at 3-2, Ymer serving at 40-15, Sinner plays a Deuce corner pattern. Three shots to that side followed by a forehand volley put away.
He plays to the opposite side on the next point and misses ball four into the net.
So many changes of patterns.

Here’s the thing. Patterns.

It’s easy to be a back seat driver and comment on matches….but what I know from coaching is that he is thinking and working on patterns….but he’s in the early stages of development. You cannot just pull combos and patterns out of a hat—especially the mixed combos and four-ball pattern manipulation. Four-ball combos take a couple of years to master (after you get through two-ball combos and then move on to threes). Everyone and their brother play two-ball patterns. That’s intro to tennis 101. Three-ball patterns add a bit of work and concentration. Four-ball is a pain…but fun…Two-year minimum of work.
It’s exhausting, relentless work.
That’s why Djokovic’s head has grown since he first came on tour.

Side note:

I throw double combos at 8 UTRs in practice and it’s sloppy tennis…at 10 UTR, the “real” learning begins.
Why do you rarely see the top guys play tons of two-ball combos? Because, over time, they’re volatile, and you cannot win Majors with that alone. Three-ball is questionable. Look at who has won the majors in the last 15 years and look at the combos they play compared to the rest of the tour.
Just saying.
This is why I say the women should have the opportunity to play 3 out of five at the majors, just like the men. It will expand their point structure.
If the men were only playing 2 out of 3 sets at every tournament, the longer combos wouldn’t exist.
It’s not only exhausting work to add four-ball combos to your game (Pro level), it does a lot of mental damage to your opponent over the course of a long match.
But, what do I know?
I’m just a meathead from Massachusetts.
To be frank, I don’t like writing about this because I want to keep the secret hidden. But I also want some younger pros to get on board and hit the bricks.
Do the tour-level coaches even know how to train four-ball combos?
Is it simple?


When Sinner misses baseline shots, it’s not because of anything major. It’s because his mind is processing the combos.
To understand this, the next time you go to the courts, put three cones anywhere at the opposite baseline and try to focus on hitting a three-ball combo and switch up the pattern after some time and see if you can mix the pattern. Then tell me how it went.
Now add the scores into the mix.
Again, not easy.
I’m just trying to get my daughter (5UTR) to throw ONE….just ONE loaded combo per game and I’m still waiting.
I get it.
Show me the money….meaning show me the vids on how to do this.
They take forever to compile.
If I said this once, I will say it again….
I don’t have enough time in the day to get shit done.
I wish there were three of me…One to work, One to write, One to be a husband (haha), One to be a Dad (4),
Forget that.
Someone build me a time machine.

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