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Betting on Doubles in Tennis

by Stefan Jonsson
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Doubles tennis may not be as popular as classic singles tennis matches, among both bettors and fans in general. However, it would be a mistake to dismiss doubles tennis as any less intriguing or less profitable. Let’s instead learn what to think about when betting on doubles and use it to make our wagering even more profitable.

First you need to recognize the simple fact that doubles matches are fundamentally different from singles. The disparity goes beyond just the wider court dimensions for doubles matches. The whole analysis is different as there are four players and the difference extends to the principles of gameplay and also the crucial factors that in the end determine the winner.

Comparing to Singles

Unlike singles, doubles tennis is about the synergy between two players. When betting on doubles, it’s crucial to consider the chemistry and playing styles of the pair. Some teams may consist of players who excel in singles but struggle to find rhythm as a duo.

Conversely, specialists in doubles may not have standout singles records but possess an innate understanding of doubles tactics such as net play and court positioning.

In singles, the focus is often on individual player performance, fitness and mental fortitude. In doubles, however, the strategy shifts to teamwork and pair dynamics. Doubles matches can swing based on how well partners communicate and execute joint strategies, particularly in crucial points like break opportunities or tiebreaks.

One important thing for both tennis doubles betting and singles is always to look up the court surface, and research the players previous performances on this style of court.

My Doubles Tennis Bet on the Brisbane ATP

Let’s have a look at an interesting doubles match in the Brisbane International ATP tournament.

Arneodo/Weissborn vs Daniell, M/Venus

In this match Arneodo/Weissborn are slight favorites at most betting sites, however I think this is wrong. I got 2.08 odds on my bet which I think is really good.

Daniell is an interesting player that might have been away for quite a lot during 2023, however, this is slightly less important in the beginning of the season. At this part of the year, all players are slightly out of form and the importance of being used to each other is even stronger. Here he’s playing together with Venus with whom he is very close and their plan is to play the Olympics together this year.

Arneodo/Weissborn had a few good results but are not a strong pair on the ATP tour and they are definitely better on clay. Here we’re talking about a fast hard court, very different…

The superior serves of Daniell/Venus can also be decisive in the end.

Tips and Strategies for Doubles

First of all, look beyond individual rankings. A team with lower-ranked players but excellent coordination and doubles-specific skills (like swift volleys and effective serving) can often outperform higher-ranked players who lack doubles finesse.

Consider the legendary Bryan Brothers (Mike and Bob). Their extraordinary success in doubles can only be explained to their near-perfect coordination and understanding of each others play. Betting on such a team, known for their consistency and teamwork, would differ significantly from betting on two high-ranked singles players teamed up for a doubles event.

Another example is the pair of John Peers and Henri Kontinen, who despite not being top singles players, have shown some quite great success in doubles. Their complementary styles – Kontinen’s powerful serve and Peers skills near the net – make them really good opponents in doubles tennis.

And what about the the Williams sisters (Venus and Serena), with their individual prowess and mutual understanding they have dominated the doubles arena for over two decades.

Some things to think about before placing your bet;

  1. Consider the Partners’ History: Analyze previous matches and their overall record as a team. Look for consistency in their performance, adaptability to different opponents and ability to capitalize on their strengths.
  2. Evaluate Communication and Teamwork: Observe their coordination on the court, their ability to anticipate each other’s moves, and their communication during crucial moments. Strong communication is a key indicator of a successful partnership.
  3. Analyze Style Compatibility: Assess how their playing styles complement each other. Do they have the right balance of offense and defense? Can they cover the court effectively and neutralize their opponents’ strengths?
  4. Research the Opponents: Familiarize yourself with their playing styles, strengths, and weaknesses, and assess how they match up against your chosen doubles pairing.
  5. Tailor Your Bets to the Format: Doubles matches can have shorter durations and involve more breaks in play, which can affect betting strategies. Consider live betting options or shorter-term bets.

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