Betting on Futures and Long Term Markets in Tennis

by Stefan Jonsson
Raducanu futures betting

When we bet on tennis, we think of more than just placing wagers on individual matches. Tennis futures and long-term markets basically means to predict, for example, the overall winner of a major tournament or the top ranked players at the end of the season.

It involves wagering on outcomes that are decided over a longer period, and these bets are placed well in advance of the event or outcome. Now is the time to start analysing the top bets for the 2024 tennis season.

Betting on tennis futures is sometimes forgotten, but it presents a unique set of opportunities and challenges for the experienced sports bettor. This type of wagering requires a deep understanding of the sport, players and the dynamics of long-term competition.

One popular type of tennis future bet is predicting the overall winner of a major tournament. For example, in Wimbledon betting, prior to the start, bettors can place bets on who they believe will lift the trophy. This type of bet requires for example in-depth analysis of players’ form and previous performances on grass. All while not forgetting factors such as injuries, recent form and head-to-head records.

Other markets can include;

Grand Slam Tournament Winners: Betting on who will win one of the four Grand Slam tournaments. These bets can be placed months in advance and are very popular.

Winning a Specific Number of Grand Slams or ATP tournaments in a Year: This is a more specific and challenging market, where you bet on a player to win a certain number of tournaments within a calendar year. For instance, betting on a player to win at least two Grand Slams in the year.

To Reach the Final: Instead of betting on a player to win a specific tournament, you can bet on them to reach the final. This is a slightly less risky bet than picking the outright winner.

Another cool long-term market in tennis betting is forecasting the top 4 players at the end of the season. This is usually determined by ATP/WTA points in the rankings and this bet allows you to speculate on which players will dominate the rankings by the conclusion of the year. It requires a comprehensive understanding of the players’ consistency, motivation and ability to perform throughout the season.

Which Sites offer Futures Betting?

Most sportsbooks nowadays offer at least a few long term bets for all major tournaments. This can vary a lot though, depending on the event, season and sport. Check our recommended tennis betting sites to find a sportsbook that works well for you.

Good Strategies

  1. Player Performance Analysis: Analysis of player performances is always a must. This includes not just current form but also historical performance on different surfaces, performance in specific tournaments and physical/mental fitness levels.
  2. Surface Specialization: Tennis players often have preferred surfaces. A player who excels on clay, for example, might be a good option when betting on French Open. Understanding these nuances can offer valuable betting insights.
  3. Seasonal Trends: Some players perform better at certain times of the year. Analyzing historical data to identify these trends can provide an edge, also for long term betting.
  4. Young and Upcoming Talents: Futures betting often provides value in identifying young talent before they become widely recognized. This requires following lower-tier tournaments and understanding player development trajectories. If you have talent for this, another option can also be to invest in sports talents in platforms such as Royaltiz.
  5. Hedging Strategies: Experienced bettors can use futures bets as a part of a broader hedging strategy. For example, placing a future bet on a high-odds player and then hedging with bets on favorites as the tournament progresses.

Some Examples…

Betting on a Dark Horse: In the 2021 US Open, few would have predicted Emma Raducanu’s victory. A futures bet on Raducanu at the start of the tournament would have offered extremely high odds.

Dominant Players on Favorite Surfaces: Betting on Rafael Nadal to win the French Open during his prime years is a classic example of a futures bet based on a player’s dominance on a specific surface.

Below is a futures bet I just placed on Aryna Sabalenka to win the Women’s Australian Open, for 5.50 odds. A good bet, you think? 50 USD bet will give a potential 275 USD win.

Stake offers Tennis futures betting.

Advantages of Futures Betting

  • Higher Odds and Potential Payouts: Futures bets often come with higher odds compared to short-term bets, due to the difficulty in predicting long-term outcomes. Once a high-odds player starts showing his skills in the tournament, the odds will go down rapidly.
  • Long-Term Engagement: Placing a futures bet can enhance the experience of following a tournament or season, offering a prolonged period of engagement and excitement.
  • Opportunities for Value Betting: Experienced bettors can find value in futures markets, particularly when betting on undervalued players or outcomes.
  • Portfolio Diversification: Including futures bets in a broader betting strategy can diversify a bettor’s portfolio, spreading risk across different types of wagers. You can almost view this as the opposite of adding live betting on tennis to your portfolio.

Futures betting in tennis requires a blend of analytical skills, in-depth understanding of the sport and also some strategic thinking. While it comes with its risks, the potential for high returns can increase.

It’s also quite fun to have some bets pending over the season, when just watching tennis tournaments or not having any other wagers to follow.

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