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Italian Tennis Talent Andrea Rita Faces 15-Month Suspension

by Stefan
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The Italian tennis community has been on a rise recently, not at least from the form of Jannik Sinner, however today the news are a bit more sad.

Italian tennis talent Andrea Rita has been handed a 15-month suspension as part of a corruption investigation, confirmed by the International Tennis Integrity Agency.

Apparently, the 23-year old admitted to 4 breaches of rules for anti-corruption between 2018-2020, “including wagering on tennis matches and the failure to report a corrupt approach.”

We have earlier reported about the continuing issue of match fixing and corruption in tennis, and we just have to get used to these cases keep popping up.

A Promising Talent

The announcement, which came as a shock to the community, puts a temporary halt to the career of one of Italy’s promising talents. Andrea Rita reached a career-high ranking of 1,712 (ITF singles) in June 2023. The ITIA commented that he cooperated fully with the investigation.

The suspension serves as a reminder of the stringent oversight exercised by tennis governing bodies to ensure fair play and integrity within the sport. For Rita, this period will offer an opportunity for reflection and personal growth, let’s see how he handles it.

Rita is now unavailable for all major tournaments (ATP, ITF, Tennis Australia, Fédération Française de Tennis, Wimbledon and USTA) up until 25th April 2025.

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