New racquet for Dominic Thiem

by Jonas Eriksson

Update: there is a new post on Dominic Thiem’s tennis racquet here.

Thiem posted a new racquet on his twitter account. He has previously played with the Babolat Pure Strike (apparently a retail racquet), but is now going to play and endorse a different model. A Babolat official on the tennis warehouse forum confirmed that it’s called Project One 7. Whether it involves a process where Thiem is building it to his preferred specs (like Federer did with his Wilson RF97 Autograph) or he’s just endorsing a new model, remains to be seen.


Since the racquet is not blacked-out which is typical for pro’s testing racquets, I assume the paint job is already decided. It’s quite a stretch away from the Pure Strike, which has an aggressive black/red color palette. This one looks to belong more in the control category of racquets, which, in my opinion, is not what you think of when you see Thiem hit his heavy, top-spin groundstrokes.

What do you think of the racquet’s design? Comment below.

Will keep you posted of the specs of it as they are unveiled.

Update: The racquet is supposed to have a 16×19 string pattern, but the model that Thiem is playing with is 18×20 because he prefers it (he gets enough spin on the ball anyway).


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Pete May 25, 2016 - 10:40

Thanks for the info regarding Thiem’s new frame, I have always had a contract with head and normally would use the Speed Pro but I had a cycle accident and broke my collarbone so now am interested in a 16/19 racket @300g and have always been interested in changing my frames to Babolat.

Tennisnerd May 25, 2016 - 11:26

Yes, a friend of mine has play tested it and really likes the feel after some customization. Sounds like a good option for you, but might be good idea to check about the stiffness since I heard it’s quite powerful (and can be stiff). Babolat are on fire in the racquet industry…

Pete May 29, 2016 - 23:19

Many thanks will be in touch soon if I need any more info.


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