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Angell React Racquets

by TN

The boutique racquet brand, Angell Sport, has released a new series of Angell React Racquets. The Angell React is designed for the modern game of tennis.

Angell React Racquets

We have previously reviewed lots of Angell racquets. Thanks to being a smaller operation, they make quality products and can be more diligent with quality control. However, we have not yet tried the new Angell React racquets, but we hope to test at least one React racquet shortly.

What is new with Angell React? This is how Angell describes it on their product page:

Being in the right position at the right time is key to every winning shot. In today’s game, every millisecond counts, so the new REACT models are packed with multiple design features to create the fastest and most maneuverable rackets on the market.

These features are an aerodynamic D-designed cross-section (beam), a sculpted throat bridge, recessed grommet tips, and mid sheen low drag. In terms of materials, Angell describes the racquet as follows:

Increasing stiffness on impact and enhancing feel, “REACT fibers” are strategically woven into the high-modulus carbon used around the hoop of the frames.  Closely aligned with our K7 Aramid fibers, the new REACT fibers provide comfort on par with our foam-filled models without the added mass.

React models

There are four React models, but you also have the option to get one where you select the specs as a part of their custom program. The Angell React models are the React Mid 96, the Pro 96, the MP 99 and the Pro 99.

If I could pick a model to review on a personal note, it would be the React Pro 99 with the following specifications:

Headsize 99″
Beam Width 21mm
String Pattern 18 X 19
Weight 305g / 10.8 OZ
Balance 315mm / 9pts HL
Length 27″
Swing Weight 288
Stiffness 61 RA
Grip Type Grey Pu

But I am also curious about the Angell React Pro 96:

Headsize 96″
Beam Width 20 – 21mm
String Pattern 18 X 20
Weight 315g / 11.1 OZ
Balance 310mm / 10pts HL
Length 27″
Swing Weight 288
Stiffness 61 RA
Grip Type Tan Leather

Oh wait, the React Mid 96 has more appealing specs:

Headsize 96″
Beam Width 21 – 22mm
String Pattern 16 X 19
Weight 310g / 10.9 OZ
Balance 310mm / 10pts HL
Length 27″
Swing Weight 288
Stiffness 61 RA
Grip Type High Tac Black PU

While we’re at it, we might as well list the React MP 99 specs too.

Headsize 99″
Beam Width 21mm
String Pattern 16 X 19
Weight 295g / 10.4 OZ
Balance 320mm / 7pts HL
Length 27″
Swing Weight 288
Stiffness 61 RA
Grip Type White Pu


On paper, these React frames all sound highly interesting. Now I am curious, which one should we review?

MP 99
Pro 99
Mid 96
Pro 96

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Dennis August 8, 2023 - 14:47

My preference is the Mid 96: smaller headsize and other specs which fits into my preferencea

Vytas August 8, 2023 - 15:19

Please review the MP Pro!

Julian August 9, 2023 - 12:50

Hi Jonas,
Mid 96 sounds most interesting as a potential nice blend of a classic players racket with some spin friendlyness and a modern touch from the 16×19 pattern and moderate headsize. Could also be interesting for guys like me who like the feeling of the Head 360+ Prestige Mid even for a more modern gamestyle. Specs look like they could have similar feeling and the Mid 96 could bridge the gap between an old school players racket and a modern stick.

Greetings from Germany!


Adrian August 24, 2023 - 12:40

I’m very keen to see reviews of these sticks, I’m particularly interested in your thoughts on the lower swing weights. I’m very tempted to pull the trigger on the React Pro 99. I have a few Angell rackets already (TC100, TC97, ASi 2.0) and am struggling to settle on one as they all have appealing features. Also wishing Paul Angell a speedy recovery.


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