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Dunlop CX 400 Tour Review (2021) – First Impressions

by Jonas Eriksson

For info on the latest version, check out our 2024 Dunlop CX400 Tour Review.

A new racquet in the Dunlop CX series, here is my Dunlop CX 400 Tour Review – first impressions. In short – surprising!

The average in head sizes is slowly creeping up. Nowadays even control-oriented racquets are 100 sq inches with slightly thicker beams. I was a bit skeptical to see a racquet like the Dunlop CX 400 Tour in the control series, but after playing with it, I understand the thinking a bit more. This is a pretty plush, but more forgiving racquet that gives you good control, but still some free power when needed. I would compare it to the Prince Textreme Tour 100P or the HEAD Gravity Tour in the way it plays.

Spec check

Unstrung specs of the Dunlop CX 400 Tour

Head size: 100 sq inches
Length: 27 inches
String pattern: 16×19 (tighter than many 16x19s)
Beam: 23 mm
Stiffness: 67 RA unstrung
Weight: 300 grams
Balance: 32 cm or 7 pts HL

Strung specs of the Dunlop CX 400 Tour with overgrip and Dunlop Explosive Tour 1.25

324 grams, 32.5 cm or 5 pts HL, 318.5 SW

The Dunlop CX 200 and CX 200 Tour feels like they need lead tape, but the CX 400 Tour was ready to be hit “right out of the box”.

How does it play?

The racquet offers a surprisingly plush and comfortable feel. Despite a sensitive arm, I sensed no discomfort even with a full bed of poly.

It moves through the air pretty quickly as the beam is not as thick as a Pure Drive or Ultra. The string pattern is also tighter, giving you a bit more control on flatter shots. I would still like a bit more bite from the string bed and will probably try a shaped poly next as some balls were sailing a bit on me (that might just be me though).

At the net, it felt stable and offered a good feel. It’s not as precise as the smaller head sizes in the CX family, but good for this type of frame.

On serves, I got decent power, but not as much as more power-oriented racquets. I did miss a little bit of spin on my kick serve.

Slice shots stayed nice and low and like other Dunlop’s I’ve tried – this racquet works well for flatter shots.

Topspin lovers might crave a bit more rotation on the ball, but like I wrote – it might be fixed by a more spin-friendly poly.

All-in-all, the first hit with the Dunlop CX 400 Tour was fun and gave me a positive feel about the racquet. I think many tennis nerds can groove with this one and I was surprised to instantly like this racquet more than the CX 200. How will the CX 200 Tour play? Well, that one is up next!

Have you tried the new Dunlop CX series?

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Tennis Lion February 1, 2021 - 19:25

Quite interested in this frame, for relaxed days rather than a match type stick. As you mentioned it’s a tight string-bed, could you let us know the average cell size please. If you find the central cell, then measure out four cells either side vertically and horizontally to give two figures like 10.5cm and 11cm, multiply those together and divide by 81 to give the average sweet-zone cell size. So far I have observed the following where you can see a 98 16×19 is actually tighter than some 95 18×20. From the pictures I’m guessing around 1.35cm average cell size for this CX-400 Tour?

Six-One 95 18×20 – 1.3cm
PS 97 16×19 – 1.5cm
Six-One 95S 18×16 – 1.6cm
Ultra-Tour 18×20 – 1.1cm
Volkl 10 325 16×19 – 1.25cm


Caleb February 2, 2021 - 15:10

Would really like to see a review of the oversize!
I don’t play with an oversize but easily could with one like Agassi’s. (Thin beam, tighter pattern, flexible)
And that’s exactly what the CX OS looks like.
I think the future of tennis is heading towards OS frames, anyway. What with the popularity of the 100sq-in and quest for topspin and forgiveness.

Scott Watson February 3, 2021 - 06:09

Caleb, I think you might like the new CX OS. I just committed to it (purchased a 2nd for back-up). Strung both at 50 lbs with new Dunlop Iconic All 17g multifilament. It seems to have power somewhere between the prior CX 200 and CX 400, with a softer feel and greater forgiveness than either. It rewards good technique and penalizes poor, but is not as demanding as smaller head size players racquets. Nice stability due to it’s size and near even balance. Good ball pocketing – connection to the ball, at least with this string, which may be my new favorite multifilament due to it’s power/feel/control balance- a great improvement over Dunlop Silk.

Alec Wasa April 20, 2021 - 16:08

Seems like a very interesting frame. I played with the Pure Strike 100 (3rd gen) but did not really gel with it. Felt just a bit too stiff. Speed MP seems like an option but I believe the rather high swing weight would be just a bit too much for me. The Dunlop CX 400 Tour seems to be pretty much on target for me, at the least on paper.

How would you rate comfort level for this Dunlop against the Pure Strike 100? Do you think it would work well with a full bed of multifilament ?

Alec Wasa May 7, 2021 - 16:14

I decided to buy this racquet. Luckily I never buy a racquet without having it checked for static weight, balance, swingweight and stiffness.

I had 5 racquets checked….. And all where way off. Too low Swingweight around 282 (unstrung) and stiffness of 70-71. Very disappointed in Dunlops quality control. I find it unacceptable that one pays 150 – 220 eur for a racquet and if unlucky, the racquet plays nowhere close to how it is intended to play.

Alec Wasa May 23, 2021 - 15:47

I ended up buying this racquet (after having 10 racquets checked for specs….) and have now played with it four times. It plays really nice. I think TennisNerd´s comments are pretty much spot on. I think this is a great frame for someone that likes 100 inch racquets but want more control and a softer feel compared to thicker beamed racquets (Pure Drive, Ezone 100, Pure Aero etc etc).

I liked the string pattern which is tighter towards the middle. Makes the launch angle more controllable in my opinion and spin is still decent.

The Dunlop CX 400 Tour definitely plays more comfortable than any tweener I played with.

A very good racquet. Well done Dunlop.

Gerard Gold December 2, 2021 - 13:36

Hi. Thank you to tell me How do you do to check the stifness and the swingweigth?
I m very interrested

TN December 3, 2021 - 08:46

I can’t measure stiffness myself, but I have a 3-in-1 swing weight machine from HEAD where I can measure weight, balance and swing weight.

Cheers / J

RJS December 28, 2021 - 00:01

After a demo, I purchased this racket. Placed lead at 10 and 2 and it plays perfectly. I’m a 5.0 player. Super solid and a perfect blend of power and control. Dunlop CX 400 Tour may be the most underrated racket on the market. Highly recommended!

Jp December 25, 2023 - 02:54

What strings?


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