Dunlop CX 200 Review (2021) – First impressions

by Jonas Eriksson

For info on the latest Dunlop CX 200, see our 2024 Dunlop CX 200 Review.

I have now tried the Dunlop CX 200 and I wanted to give you my first impressions before the complete Dunlop CX 200 Review.

I didn’t try the previous generation of the Dunlop CX 200 and instead focused on the CX 200 Tour. What you get from the bigger head size of the 200 is a bit more forgiveness, as well as a slight boost in power and spin. The tradeoff is that you don’t get the same level of precision as you get with 200 Tours. This Dunlop CX 200 Review is short because I haven’t tried it enough yet, but many of you seem to appreciate getting my first impressions, so here we go.

Dunlop CX 200 – First Impressions

You can find the specs of my upcoming Dunlop racquet reviews in the preview video. I strung the 200 with Dunlop Ionic in the mains at 55 lbs / 25 kg and Dunlop Explosive Tour in the crosses at 53 lbs or 24 kg. I also added Dunlop Megatac overgrip and reached the following strung specs:

Weight: 323.4g / 11.4 oz,
Balance: 31.8 cm / 7 pts HL
Swing weight: 306.5 SW

The feel on contact was nice and the string setup reminded me of a Wilson NXT/Alu Power combo. What I immediately noticed was that the racquet felt a little underpowered. I also lacked some stability. The conclusion is that you need to add some weight to this frame to bump up swing weight, power, and stability. This is the same case with the Wilson Ultra Pro for example.

With some weight added, I think this racquet will perform well because it delivered on the control and feel parameters.

If you don’t like to customize racquets, but want similar specs to this one, I would recommend you to go for a more head-heavy 305g racquets such as the Wilson Blade 98 V7, the new HEAD Radical MP or the Tecnifibre Tfight RS 305.

I will now play around a bit with weight and possibly strings to see if this racquet performs better with some extra weight on it. I think it will.

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JFL January 31, 2021 - 16:20

Swingweight on your version is under spec. It should have been around 317.

hurric October 20, 2022 - 03:41

Did you have follow up experience with cx200 and do you have recommended customization options for maybe 325 target sw?

TN October 20, 2022 - 16:37

I would add 4 grams (total) to 3 and 9 on this racquet and the same amount in the handle.


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