HEAD Tennis Racquets

by Jonas Eriksson

There are many different HEAD Tennis racquets, so I wanted to create a page covering the different HEAD racquet lines from Prestige to Instinct.

Today famous players that use HEAD tennis racquets include Novak Djokovic, Andy Murray, Matteo Berrettini, and Alexander Zverev on the men’s side and Ash Barty, Maria Sharapova and Sloane Stephens in the women’s game to name a few.

HEAD currently offers six different racquet lines: Prestige, Gravity, Radical, Speed, Instinct, and Extreme. Each line consists of several racquets, so the amount of choice when it comes to HEAD racquets is quite vast. This page is supposed to help you guide you to the right HEAD racquet. Read more about HEAD tennis racquets on their official website.

Different HEAD racquet lines

HEAD have released the above power level chart for players to better understand the differences between the different racquet lines. As you can see, Prestige is the most controlled, and the Instinct is the most powerful.
Let’s go through the different lines briefly.

HEAD Prestige

The HEAD Prestige is the most legendary racquet of the series. It has always been all about precision and feel, and although the game has changed over the years, the line still stands for the same characteristics. HEAD have just released an update to the Prestige line with the Graphene 360+ technology and you can read my HEAD Prestige review here.

You need to have an advanced level of tennis to play with a Prestige racquet. Especially with the racquets ranging from Mid to Pro. The Tour and S versions are a bit easier to use though and will appeal to a broader demographic. But if you go for the Pro or the MP, you will need to generate your own power.

HEAD Gravity

HEAD Gravity Racquet ReviewThe Gravity line is a new addition to HEAD’s line-up. It is a control-and-feel-based line of racquets, but with the rounder head shape and larger head size than the Prestige, it is still easier to use. The Gravity racquets were the first HEAD frames to include Graphene + technology, which adds spiral fibers into the layup for a softer feel and better comfort.

The Gravity line boasts a large sweet spot and offers a nice mix of modern and classical performance and playability. You can read my review of the different Gravity racquets here.

HEAD Radical

HEAD Graphene 360 Radical Pro Racquet Review

The Radical line of racquets is almost as iconic as the Prestige. It is still more about control than power, but with a slight increase in spin and power levels. Andre Agassi made the line famous in his days, and now the line is carried by Andy Murray and Sloane Stephens.

I did like the HEAD Graphene 360 Radical Pro (read my review here), but I am definitely looking forward to the softer Graphene+ version with spiral fibers, but it will likely be released in 2021.

HEAD Speed

HEAD Graphene 360 Speed Pro - Specs

The Speed line is a newer addition to the HEAD racquets and has been made famous mainly by Novak Djokovic, but also by Zverev before he switched to the Gravity Pro. Speed is right in the middle when it comes to power and control. It offers a good balance between both and suits a broad group of players. I was close to switching to the HEAD Graphene 360 Speed Pro, but it was a little bit too stiff for me with a full bed of poly strings. I have been play-testing the new HEAD Graphene 360+ Speed Pro, and with an improvement in comfort, it is an excellent racquet for aggressive baseliners.

The Speed plays quite close to the Radical, but the larger head size and slightly stiffer layup give you a boost in power and spin. If you are not sure what HEAD racquet to go for, I think Speed is the best racquet to test first.

HEAD Extreme

HEAD Graphene 360 Extreme Pro Racquet Review

The Extreme is all about power and SPIN. The racquets look extreme and play extreme. You don’t need a full swing to get good depth with this racquet, which is why it also suits players with poor footwork or mediocre technique. But then some players can swing fast and “tame the racquet.” Berrettini is a perfect player to endorse this line of racquets. He is already top ten and swings fast and hits big.

This is not a frame I would personally gravitate towards, but I enjoyed the Graphene 360 Extreme Pro when I reviewed it. But in the end, I don’t have the swing style to able to control the power, and although I did have a lot of fun hitting big, the higher stiffness of the frame does worry my elbow a bit. However, if they added spiral fibers and softened the layup, I will be more interested in this line of racquets.

HEAD Instinct

HEAD tennis racquets

Confession: I have not put a lot of time with the Instinct family of racquets since the Liquidmetal version. Reason: well, they haven’t appealed to me. Higher stiffness and lots of power are not usually my cup of tea, but I know many players who like to get more depth on their shots for free, and then the Instinct obliges.

HEAD has to think about new ambassadors for the Instinct line now that Berdych has retired, and Sharapova has fallen well out of the top 100 players in the world. But that is a sidenote.

I think it is high time for me to review an Instinct racquet! So I put that on the to-do-list.

If you are not sure what racquet suits your game, check out our racquet recommendation service here.

What HEAD racquets is your favorite? I will aim to do more pages like this for other brands so that players can get an overview of the different racquets and brands available to them. 

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Luis G January 29, 2020 - 21:28

Thank you!!! Great post, that power/control level chart helps a lot to understand the Head family!

John January 31, 2020 - 03:30

Jonas as always you do not sugar coat the reviews of the equipment your looking at and I feel that you actually really do take time to put these frames thru there paces.
What I mostly miss again and again on many racquet reviews is in the Spec department of a review,I always get weight,headsize,string pattern and balance but very often I do not get the overall length of a racquet, and many many players now are looking to.play with a slightly longer frame than the standard 27 inches.
I understand from a recent review of Novaks racquet of choice he is now playing with a racquet 3/8 of an inch longer than his previous frame,and with that said many players now are wanting to try or experiment with a slighly longer midel.
I would recommend a product I invented call the XTP Xtended Tennis Product butt cap,it is an elongated octagonal butt cap that can fit on ANY mfg.racquet that has a removable butt cap.And by installing the XTP butt cap it can add half an inch to any frame without alot of trouble.
The amount if players now using frames longer than 27 is significant and I’m sure many of your readers already are using some of these linger models,getting more power and spin on shots.

AceyMan February 1, 2020 - 09:23

I’m a Prestige guy, well, originally an Edge player (where did they go?). I demoed the Gravity Pro (2nd heaviest model, whatever that is) and liked it quite a bit. Can’t stand the colorway, tho, sorry.

And John has a point. I’m testing a 27.5″ Yonex atm, and have picked up a couple of used Speed MP that are spec at 690mm.

Plus length is the future. And go Hseih Su-wei, while we’re talking extended frames. If The Magician uses one, there has to be something to it.


Max February 5, 2020 - 04:52

John / XTP,

Just tried to order a 5-pack, but no success. The website seems quite buggy and doesn’t let me put any amount in the cart. Also, do you make L5 versions?.. I’m interested in 1xL5, 3xL4, and 3xL2.

Brad March 3, 2020 - 00:29

Maybe XTP could fix and address the problem on their website. It is bogus to advertise that product here. Ask the website owner properly!

Arturo Corleto October 13, 2020 - 01:51

Extreme Pro all the way. 10 years ago my Coach put me his on my hand. With a Spin string and tight tension. It changed my Tennis Forever. I swing big and use a lot of Spin for almost every shot. Its a spinners dream. Massive control, Huge Sweet spot and Spins like no racket I have tried before. I guess you need to have those characteristics in your Swing and be at least a 4.0 to Truly get the Benefits of the Extreme. If all those things align.. The Extreme Pro becomes Thors Hammer in the right hands

Dan October 24, 2020 - 09:31

Tried so many new rackets, but have gone back to using the 1999 head TI radical OS with a soft poly. Great feel and control with plough through.

Love the reviews ?

Chris September 8, 2021 - 09:23

Playing with speed pro- thinking about making lightly heavier on the tip. One handed backhand all court player with loads of spin 5.0. Tempted to try prestige radical gravity for more control – smaller head size on the prestige might be a little more manoverable.

Will December 7, 2021 - 03:32

I play with speed pro and am an advanced junior but don’t really know what string to use.

Any recommendations ???

TN December 7, 2021 - 22:44

Try HEAD Lynx Tour or Grapplesnake Tour M8

Will December 8, 2021 - 02:49

What about Solinco hyper-g ????
Seems like a bunch of people are using it in speed pro

Jack April 16, 2022 - 01:08

Any of them similar to the Polaris 660?


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