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New HEAD Gravity Racquets

by TN

HEAD announced the launch of the new Gravity racquets today. It’s only a cosmetic update, but I will revisit my review of the series.

The new HEAD Gravity racquets come in slightly more fresh and neon-inspired colors. The Gravity line has become quite popular on the club level thanks to the above-average sweet spot, good control thanks to thin beams and tight patterns, and lower stiffness which helps players with sensitive arms. Having Alexander Zverev as a racquet ambassador can have its ups and downs, but the line is definitely here to stay.

It’s always nice when a brand launches something completely new and when the Gravity came, the hype was pretty big. Not Clash-size perhaps, but the excitement over a new line of racquets from one of the biggest brands was evident. I reviewed the Gravity a while back but will revisit them shortly in the new paint job and tell you what I think about them. I am always happy to see manufacturers focusing a bit more on arm comfort and the Gravity is for sure one of those racquet lines.

New HEAD Gravity Racquets – Review to come

I will be focusing my HEAD Gravity racquet review on the Tour and the Pro, as those are the models that appeal the most to me, but I will also be testing the HEAD Gravity S, as that’s a solid choice for beginners to intermediate players. It gives you a lot more free power and spin than the more controlled and less forgiving HEAD Gravity Tour and HEAD Gravity Pro racquets.

Which Gravity do you like the most? And did you like the Gravity line at all? What do you think of the paint update and do you think they should have done more? I’m keen to hear your thoughts about the new Gravity release in the comments below.

Watch this space!




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Hans February 2, 2021 - 10:53

The new paint makes the contrast higher, which makes it easier for the opponent to see what you are doing. That can’t be an improvement. The old paint was darker overall. We saw Barty on the court the other day against Halep with the new paint job. Looked like 16×19 so still just a paint job for Barty though.

I have been playing with the Gravity Pro for 1.5 years now and it’s very precise and comfortable. I also bought a Tour to see if I could get some more power but it’s very different and it doesn’t make it into the bag. I have been flirting with Wilson SW104 for about the same time and I can’t forget the serve super powers it gives me compared to Gravity Pro. I have contemplated custom building something extended from Dahcor or Angell to get both control and power like a hybrid of SW104 and Gravity Pro. Not easy to do that with just one attempt so I am now trying myself. I have extended both the Gravity Tour and Pro to different lengths and I’m trying to find the balance while conditioning myself to very high swing weight. This experiment is ongoing and I’m just about to test the pro in 27.8″ length. The extended racquets feel like real weapons now and the control feeling is still there. They make SW104 and SW102 feel like badminton racquets. Early preparation is cruicial while hitting. The one thing I haven’t solved yet is the loss of spin to the kick serve. Maybe the gym is the only fix for that one.

If I were to wish for something more from Head, it would be a 28″ Gravity Pro+ with swing weight adapted to around 340.

Greg February 4, 2021 - 14:04

I agree some with Hans. The red and teal was harder to see from a distance and does disguise what you are doing. All you need are those few milliseconds of failed recognition that give you a little edge, particularly on serves. And it also looked a bit more evil instead like a gaudy carnival display. Where I disagree a bit with bruder Hans is about pro vs tour. I tried out one of each for a while and just felt a bit more comfortable with the Tour. Those few grams did make a difference to me particularly in quick reaction situations like at the net, and there was just a bit more pop with the tour. With the kick serves, playing at over 2000 m elevation, I just have to slow them down since there isn’t any air for the ball to bite anyway. I am older and not as strong, so I have to rely more on control and feel I get that combination just a bit better from the tour. I was a tough choice though and could have gone either way.

Justin February 12, 2021 - 04:33

I think the color contrast is a non-issue.. we are seeing Zverev playing this new scheme at Aus Open right now and it isn’t an excessively bright racquet compared to many other bright racquets on tour like the Aero that have been winning slams for over a decade. It is really a moot point.


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