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Andy Murray is testing a new racquet

by TN
Andy Murray is testing a new racquet

Andy Murray has been seen testing a new racquet in London. Based on pictures and some intel it looks very similar to the racquet mold that Djokovic is using. But we do not know for sure. However, it is clear that Andy Murray is testing a new racquet.

Andy Murray posted a video on Instagram where he is seen hitting forehands with his new stick. He does not mention that he is testing a new racquet himself, but a post from the Wimbledon Park Sports Instagram account revealed more.

Andy Murray is testing a new racquet – What is it?

It is a bit early to say what it is. However, the string pattern is definitely 18×19, it does not have a cap bumper and it is still 95 sq inches, so the evidence is pointing in that direction. No matter what, I think it makes sense for him to experience a bit in the off-season and see if he can get something for free. A lot of players are doing this during the off-season when the costs to their game and results are minimal.

If you want to know what racquet Andy Murray usually plays with, check this post. Although he has mostly been endorsing the HEAD Radical line of racquets, his real racquet has been a HEAD Pro Tour 630 (pro stock code PT57A) in a 16×19 string pattern. If he is now testing the same mold as Djokovic is playing, that is called a PT113B (I am actually testing that mold and Novak's old frame, in this post/video).

What I am mostly curious about in terms of Andy Murray is if he is healthy enough. Tennis definitely needs the top four guys to stay in the game as long as possible, so it would be great to have him back at 100% health in 2019. Judging by the video he posted on his Instagram, he looks to be feeling and hitting well at the moment at least.

Below are some pics from the Wimbledon Park Sports Instagram.

Andy Murray is testing a new racquet

What do you think about the fact that Andy Murray is testing a new racquet? Is it a positive sign that he is actually ready to come back to the tour?

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Mike Won November 17, 2018 - 20:46

This is an interesting development, although as you pointed out in your piece, it’s not surprising that he’s trying out a new racquet during the offseason. Changing from a 16×19 to 18×19 pattern seems significant, but I know that these pros can generate spin so easily that this difference is probably negligible. I imagine that he’s hoping to find a more powerful frame, which, aren’t we all as we’re getting older, ha ha. What are your thoughts of this potential change?

Thanks, and keep up the good work!

Steven Howue November 20, 2018 - 11:44


Is Murray leaving Under Armour at end of year, his contract expires end 2018 and recent Instagram video in gym shoes him in Nike trainers. Would be odd to publicly wear another brand if still in contract.


Tennisnerd November 20, 2018 - 11:54

Hi Steven,
Didn’t know that. Thanks for sharing. Maybe he makes the move to Nike or just waits until he is 100 fit before he commits. He won’t get many interesting offers with an uncertain health status.

Cheers / J


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