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Christian Garin is back to HEAD

by TN

Thanks to my fellow tennis nerds, I get pro player updates via Instagram. Many of you mentioned that Christian Garin is back to HEAD.

If you’ve been following Tennisnerd via my YouTube channel or this websites pro player posts, you know that Garin has been testing new racquets. First he was with HEAD, then with Wilson, then with Yonex Ezone and now back to his old HEAD racquet again. This racquet testing period has possibly poorly influenced his results since he has not played well in recent months. But now Christian Garin is back to HEAD and his old racquet and he has won a few matches in Houston ATP 250.

I’m not saying that his HEAD racquet is better than an Ezone or a Wilson H22, but familiarity is very important, especially for a pro player. For club player, we can bring a few different racquets to the court and play around a bit depending on the mood, but for the pros, each shot gone astray can be costly.

Feeling at home

I don’t know exactly what Radical pro stock Garin is using, but it’s not something you can buy in stores. That’s not the important part. The specs that work for him might not suit any other player in the world, but they feel at home to him. This is what a pro player needs. Playing around with several racquet brands and models over a few months can be detrimental to your confidence and your game.

You might have noticed this yourself when you’re switching racquets and can’t find one that feels good to you. Out goes your confidence and you start feeling lost on the tennis court. That’s why finding a racquet setup that works for you is so important.

Since I play-test racquets regularly, I have a few different ones that I can return to depending on the mood, the surface and the opponent. For some reason, I can’t just have one racquet. It’s a tennisnerd sickness, so I decided to have a few different ones that I switch in between regularly. This strategy might work for you if you feel lost about your racquet. I will talk more about it on my Patreon and in future content.

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J April 7, 2022 - 11:22

Great article.
What matters is what works for you.

The curse of the need! Indeed!

This year I will choose one frame and stick with it, and work on me.

J April 7, 2022 - 11:22

Curse of the nerd even.


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